Friday, November 10, 2006

happy birfday to me and the avian flu

1. moby dick

1. saving private ryan - 216 mill.
2. ocean's eleven - 183 mill.
3. the bourne supremacy - 176 mill.
4. good will hunting - 138 mill.
5. ocean's twelve - 125 mill.
6. the bourne idenity - 121 mill.
7. the departed - 103 mill.
8. the talented mr. ripley - 81 mill.
9. spirit: stallion of the cimarron - 73 mill.
10. finding forrester - 51 mill.

3. they are all boys.

song challenge: marshall tucker band - can't you see

sorry i havent posted...blah, blah, blah

so i have contracted the avian flu on mah birfday, very sad times. no trivia today, but i have an update in the works, so don't miss it. also, for those of you that live in the new york area. my church is hosting a dodgeball game saturday jan. 20th, and it is the most fun you'll have all year (seriously). and if you want even more fun that weekend, the day before on the 19th im hosting a trivia at postmark cafe (it will only include movie trivia). and further on the horizon im in talks with a bar owner to start a weekly/bi-weekly bar trivia.

see yall soon

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

gonna take a freight train, down at the station, I don't care where it goes

1. schindler's list #9
2. 85 hours
3. the incredibles
4. caspian sea, lake superior, lake victoria
5. tale of 2 cities

and the song was blue eyes crying in the rain by willie. ive recently fallen in love with that song and can't get it outta mah head. nice call tho kwh and kt-atl, didnt think anyone would get that one. and good job for everyone tag teaming the trivia.

so i had my first trivia hosting experience in nyc about a month ago. when i started at 7 there were 3 people millin about (one of them being max (check out the links)). but by 730 i had packed the h-iz-ouse or heezy. so it was a rousing success. i now invite everyone in nyc or not in nyc to come to postmark cafe and play some trivia, every 3rd friday of the month. start time is 730 and runs till 9 or 930. my categories include: movies, music, tv, sports, history, geography, science, and nyc trivia. so come one, come all to the team trivia madness.

the next one is in 1 week (nov. 17th)

i totally forgot that i had been tagged by action. so here goes:

1. Three things that scare me:
north carolina's waffle houses
the red door at the clermont lounge
my own charisma and looks

2. Three people that make me laugh:
jim gaffigan
eddie izzard
when you do stupid things

3. Three things I hate the most:
celery in food
mostly hipsters but people with
faux-hawks are right there too
not having a good seat at a movie

4. Three things I don't understand:
quasi-geostrophic dynamic equations
finnegan's wake

how christianity got intertwined with being republican

5. Three things I'm doing right now:
watching half nelson again
chattin with a friend on google talk
downloading the office and battlestar galactica

6. Three things I want to do before I die:
pam beesly
destroy something beautiful
make a rock so big that God can't lift it

7. Three things I can do:
teach things to people
learn meaningless trivia
eat tapas

8. Three ways to describe my personality:
"man of leisure"
dead sexy
too cool for school

9. Three things I can't do:
update my blog regularly
remember to call you back
be a douche bag

10. Three things I think you should listen to:
the islands
not sufjan stevens
my father

11. Three things you should never listen to:
emo bands
the voices in someone else's head
my mother

12. Three things I'd like to learn:
ride a bike
to read

13. Three favourite foods:
korean bbq
peruvian food
that stuff we used to eat in high, it was so good, but i forgot the name of it...

14. Three beverages I drink regularly:
apple juice
protien wait

15. Three shows I watched as a kid:
dream on
tales from the crypt
other late night cinemax/showtime/hbo

16. Three people I'm tagging (to do this):
joaj, whenever he starts up his blog
my brother

and now the trivia:
1. from what book does the line "from hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake i spit my last breath at thee."

2. name matt damon's 4 highest grossing movies (US box office)

3. a woman has 7 children and half of them are boys, how is this possible?

love is like a dying ember, and only memories remain

so you thought i had left never to return to this sphere of blogo. i actually thought about calling it quits on the blog, but i thought about all those people who might leap into a pit of vipers or plunge a knife into their significant-other's spine from the shock of no more trivia. and i decided i should press on, not for my sake, but for yours.

i actually have about 5 or 6 blog entries just sitting in my folder......just sitting there. unfinished. for all eternity. here are the topics:

1. pre-wedding shenanigans
2. wedding shenanigans
3. post-wedding shenanigans
4. street fair shenanigans
5. dodgeball shenanigans
6. up-coming-trivia-i-will-be-hosting shenanigans

and i have a few in my head that i want to post about, as well.
and so i would look at all my unfinished posts, think about how much i didnt want to write them, scoff, then go to bed. but ive finally mustarded up the courage and will post about something that resembles fish mouth.

(if you laughed at that last line, i commend you and your vast knowledge of things very important.)

im also kinda disappointed no one got the song title or artist, that would be one sam cooke, twisting the night away. i hope you people do better with this song lyric challenge.

pre-wedding shenanigans:
im only going to tell this one story cause it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life, and im already tired of typing. here goes:

mrs. ktl had flown back to atlanta for her own pre-wedding stuffs, while i had to stay up here in nyc for work. i got a late start on saturday cause tadpolebear needed me to take his golf clubs to atlanta and we had to have a little lunch as well. so i headed out at about 3 pm, which puts me into atlanta at around 5 am if i drove non-stop. i debated whether or not to keep on, keepin on, or stop and rest somewhere in the carolinas. i decided on the holiday in express near charlotte.

now i had intended on stoppin in charlotte but i was engrossed on some program in my xm radio and missed the whole damn city. so i drove about 20 miles south and found holiday inn express. i pulled in at about 2 am, hungary and tired. i asked the hotel guy if he knew of any all-night pizza places or a waffle house near-by. he said that there was a waffle house about 1 mile down the road. excellent, i miss waffle house being up north of the mason-dixon.

i should have realized what i was getting myself into as i pulled into the parking lot. 4-5 beat-up patched-up pick-up trucks, and one 80's black camero.....2am......20 miles outside of charlotte (east bumblefuck). but i have always had pleasant experiences in waffle house, save a few times when there was no coke available. i walked in and immediately thought about turning around and leaving. 5 tables of all whites folks. 2 of the tables filled with camo-clad teenagers back from a night of drinking and cross-burning. 2 tables of big ole country boys also in camo. and 1 table with a couple, the guy had on a wife-beater. also, every....single.....guy.....a shaved head.

now i know what you're thinking. "klt, we white people arent all bad."
i know this. hell, all of my groomsmen were white. i love you crazy crackers.
i went to uga, ive been around country boys. but these were a different breed altogether. at uga, they were at least smart enough to get into college. these guys were backwoods. and backswoods boys dont take well to city folk and especially don't take well to asian ones.

its hard to describe what it feels like to disriminated against. most of yall probably are hopelessly stuck in the majority, and most of the time i feel white. but this particular night i never felt more asian.

after i walked in, i sat at the counter, just wanting to order some take-out, then haul ass back to the hotel. i sat and waited.....and waited......and waited. after 5 minutes of NO ONE talking to me. i said to myself, i'll wait 10 more minutes then ill leave. so i waited and waited. this entire time i was glancing around the restaurant. and that couple that was sitting in the corner. the guy was GLARING at me. it was super creepy. i must have looked in his direction 5-6 times, and every time he was turned toward me just.....glaring. with his shaved head, goatee, stained wife-beater. jean shorts, tatoos running up and down his arms. this dood was scary.

after 14 minutes of waiting, i was almost ready to leave when one of the older server asked a younger girl server "you have someone at the bar, have you taken his order?" now, this girl had been standing in front of me the the entire time. at first she had been doing the dishes, then she rang someone out on the registar, then she had just stood in front of me staring off into space. this whole time, i had been patiently waiting 14 minutes for someone to help me. infuriating. so after she reluctantly took my order, i had to endure another 10 minutes of That Guy glaring at me. im not scared of most people, i may not look like much, but i could hold my own ( i have deceptive slowness (im also a ticking time bomb of nails and teeth and kungfu)). but this guy scared the bejeesus outta me.

FINALLY, my food was done. i paid. then power walked back to my car. silently praying "dear lord, please make me a bird, so i can fly far far away. dear lord, please make me a bird, so i can fly far far away" got in my car and hauled ass back to the hotel.

after i got back, i went back to the hotel guy and informed him that if anyone should come looking for a place to eat at 2 am, and they look like me, dont send them to waffle house.

he said "what do you mean 'look like you?'" and i honestly think he didnt understand.
so i said "ya know....not white"
and i told him my sordid tale. he said he was sorry and that he never had that kind of experience at that waffle house. and i had to explain to him the difference in skin tone between him and me.

so that is my tale of pre-wedding shenanigans.


1. in afi's list of top 100 greatest movies, what is the highest ranked movie out of the 90's?

2. "cure for insomnia" is the longest movie ever made, to the closest hour, how long is it?

3. what was the first movie by pixar to have a rating higer than g?

4. what are the 3 largest lakes in the world?

5. what novel ends with these lines: "it is a far, far better thing that i do, than i have ever done; it is a far far better rest that i go to, than i have ever known."

and dont forget the song lyric challenge!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Let me tell you 'bout a place, Somewhere up-a New York way, Where the people are so gay

1. alaska, hawaii, arizona, new mexico, oklahoma
2. 7-up
3. abigail van buren
4. socks the cat, buddy the dog
5. toy story 1 & 2, monster's inc., bug's life, finding nemo, the incredibles, cars

sorry interweb. i know yall thought i had forgetten you but things have been busy. this wont be a long post, but i just wanted to drop in and say i am not dead, just mrs. klydelanta, who i will give a proper name to in the next post. but i will leave you with this bit of trivia....

in 2003 afi named the top 50 movie villians, all you have to do is name the top 5. (hint: dottie, the asteroid from armageddon, is not in the afi top 5, but it is in mine)

ps - check back soon for the real post

Monday, July 10, 2006

It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift, the baffled king composing

1. public house
2. a partidge in a pear tree, 2 turtle doves, 3 french hens, 4 calling birds, 6 geese a-laying, 7 swans a-swimming
3. usa, england, china, russia, france
4. eyes wide shut
5. farfalle - and im gonna have to give credit to davide and atl-kt, i really didnt think anyone would know this. bravo. bravo.

so it's almost been a months since my last post. man, im lazy . it's the summer i tell you. so i have many stories of boozed filled nights, girls that taste like ashtrays, and trips to mexico to see a woman and a horse. but those are for another lifetime. what i will dazzle yall with right now is my new slang words i've picked up from my co-workers. i've befriended a young teenager from the bronx and have been introduced to his small circle of friends at work. now, this guy is smart and funny, but when he's around his friends his language shifts to include words that are in his vernacular, but not my own. i'm pretty sure he doesnt use these words around me cause he doesnt want to confuse me, and i appreciate that. so after a while i've started to pick up on the meaning of some of these new words, and i present them to you, to expand your knowledge base, to better communicate with urban youths. and to impress any teenagers around (well, the cool ones anyway)

now, you un-hip folks out there might think that the word "tight" in "ghetto" slang means awesome, like "dat superman movie was tight, yo." but it, in fact, does not mean awesome. it means anxious/fustrated/nervous/tense/some-word-in-between-the-rest-of-these. such as "i was out wid mah girl, and my ex shows up and got me all tight and shit". this word took me the longest to figure out because it was thrown around so loosely, but i think this was as close to a definition as i could get.

now other words were easier to understand from context clues and common sense, like dolo. "dolo" pronounced doe-low. meaning, without girlfriend/boyfriend. "so, baby, are you dolo or what?" also the word "slay", which means to reject (as in a social or intimate situation). "after dat nigga bought her 3 drink, she slayed him and took off with his homie"

now your assignment is to teach these words to your friends, so they too can be as cool as you. but remember, with great power, comes great responsibility. only teach the "right" people these words or these sayings will go to the land of "the totally unhip". where words like "bling" and "fo shizzle" have gone.

okay time for everyones favorite triva!

1. name the last 5 states to join the usa.
2. what was the "un-cola"?
3. what is dear abby's full pen name?
4. when clinton was in office what were the names of his two pets?
5. name the 7 computer animated feature length films that have been released by pixar.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes.

1. delta, american, northwest, southwest, united
2. ohio
3. tom ridge

song: prince - when doves cry
i put that one up for you action, and you didnt even answer first.....sad.

so, still don't have a job yet BUT interview on monday with the one i really want. man, i've been going out alot this week. max finally got back from brazil, and i think he might be dead by now from the ebola-avian-virus-HIV-bone-cancer-cold. well, it was either that or a tan, i don't remember what he said.

went to trivia at pete's candy store with davide and LiL. much harder than expected, and went to dumont for a delicious burger and mac and cheese, but the thing i liked the most were these appetizer ribs they had..mmmmmmmm. we decided to go back sometime and just order ribs and the enourmous plate of mac and cheese to split among us. oh and last weekend we went to some crazy japanese tapas thing. where everything is covered in fish flakes. and since LiL dislikes seafood, it was right up her alley. and on the menu they had an octopus rape scene....interesting those japanese.

now, for what yall come here for....

1. what is the term "pub" short for?
2. name all the birds in the song "12 days of christmas"
3. who are the 5 permanent members of the u.n. security council?
4. what was the last film stanley kubrick directed before he died?
5. what is the name of the pasta commonly referred to as bowtie or butterfly?

Touch if u will my stomach, feel how it trembles inside

Tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous.
song: ccr - down on the corner

nice job people, good teamwork. i like what im seeing here, lets keep this synergy going.

so i got 3 job opprotunities this past week. office manager, temp work for a camp, and that birth certificate job. and that is the order that i want the jobs. heeerrreee we gooooooo!

1. according to the bureau of transportation, what 5 US airlines carried the most passengers in '04?

2. what US state has the largest Amish population?

3. who was our first head of the dept of homeland security?

Saturday, June 10, 2006


so i started a post, then made another one. posted the latter one first, then the earlier one next. now the timing on the posts is all messed up. poop. well, go back two posts and thats my new one.

Friday, June 09, 2006

I always give it up for the touch of the younger kind

this is hours of endless fun. check it.

i'll do a real update laters, but i included a lil song trivia.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Early in the evenin just about supper time, Over by the courthouse theyre starting to unwind.

1. brooklyn dodgers
2. nyc, chicago, la, houston, philly
3. 270
4. radiohead - ok computer
5. "he loved big brother"

the rolling stones - honky tonk woman

and the knack- my sharona, possibly my favorite line from a song.

i found this little gem on youtube, the old daily show with colbert, i actually lol-ed at this one. check it! (i did it cap'n, a hyperlink! im all groweds up!)

what 4 common english words end in -dous?

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in memphis

1. nhl
2. moby dick
3. shangri-la
4. playboy
5. boris yeltsin
6. smith, johnson, jones, brown

song: what has 9 arms and sucks? def leopard! and the title of the song pour some sugar on me. also nice call on moby dick, kwh. didnt think anyone would get that, but it seems that those who come to this site read good books. and that is why no one got moby dick except on a guess. that book might be the worst classic ever, second only to war and peace.

so not much new in life. had some delicious margaritas with davide and LiL today. we're a family, only without a mom and dad, and only a little of the bad-touch. but i did manage to finally wrangle a job. its only temp work, but its still work, and im glad to be off mah ass. it has something to do with handling the actual birth certificates for everyone who has ever been born in new york. and some of the rules include: no cell phones, no bulky coats, no bags or purses, and we have to avert our eyes whenever we handle the certificates. so enough about me...onto the trivia!

1. what team called ebbets field their home till their last game there in 1957?

2. based on a 2004 government survey, what are the 5 most populace cities in the US?

3. how many votes from the electoral college does a candidate need to become US president?

4. what band's cd did spin magazine name the best album in the last 20 years?

5. what are the last four words of the orwell's classic 1984?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on

1. jacob
2. ethan
3. daniel
4. anthony
5. joseph

6. los angeles
7. costa rica
8. cosmo
9. kentucky
10. norma jean baker

and the song was the who - baba o'reily, nice call mary

so i hope everyone had a fun filled memorial day weekend. i spent the first half of the weekend cellphone-less because i gave it to LiL to use while she was in the a-t-l. so i'll send a lil "sorry :(" to davide and the capn for not returning their calls. but while LiL was away, there was copious amounts of boozin and profuse amounts of whorin. and at the end of it all, a fun picnic.

today me, LiL, and davide had a enchanting and wild trip to a dream world of magic.....staten island. he got measured for his tux and i got the low-down on my so-called "free" roundtrip tickets. now the tickets are in fact free. BUT they are only free if you stay in a hotel of their selection, and you must stay there for a minimum of 1 week. still, the price of the hotel is not terrible, and it does include a all-inclusive package to cancun, where i can become the next american to "dissappear". now onto the dreamworld of magic part. Davide was uneasy in staten island, as it did give off a weird sort of "waking up from a dream into another dream then waking up again" kind of feeling. also the look of the whole place was off. nyc and it's burroughs have a certain city feel, but not this burrough. no sir. LiL pointed out that it had a "ghetto-side of the beach" look to it all. which was a perfect description. so i have declared staten island no longer a burrough, and under davide's suggestion, have declared connecticut the fifth burrough.

so now for the trivia.

1. what was the first sport to cancel an entire season due to a dispute over salaries?

2. starbuck's coffee was named after a character in what book?

3. james hilton's novel "lost horizon" is set in what utopian community?

4. what magazine did shel silverstein write for before penning the children's novel "light in the attic"?

5. what russian leader was the first to be elected democratically?

6. according to a US census, what are the 4 most popular last names in the US?

ps- i might start posting more often, so you might want to check back in with a little more regularity. cause you might miss out on some trivia, and only dirty commies miss out on trivia.

pps- LiL, davide, and i saw colin ferrall in williamsburg when we were dropping davide off. later colin and i made a "home movie" and it will be available on the web in the next few days....enjoy.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The exodus is here, the happy ones are near, let's get together before we get much older.

the names of the ladies:
Emily, Emma, Madison, Abigail, Olivia, Isabella, Hannah, Samantha, Ava and Ashley.
and the song is bonnie tyler - holding out for a hero.

im glad yall have settled thing so amicibly. guns, tea and biscuits, ain't nothing more friendly than that.

so i've started tivo-ing cash cab, and they got some pretty good trivia questions. if you don't know what the show is. it's a game show thats filmed in a nyc cab and you answer trivia questions for money. you only get 3 strikes, then you get kicked to the curb (like all my ex-girlfriends). but if you can make it to your destination without missing 3 questions then you get a choice of taking your money and running, or doubling down and answering one video question. its a pretty cool show. i highly recommend it. so on last nights episode, this retarded midtown woman gets in and misses 3 of 5 questions. she missed "what instrument invented in the 1880s in hawaii is a smaller version of a guitar", AND she didn't know "what ron howard movie is also the name of the encasing that silkworms spin around themselves during metamorphosis". i honestly can't stand people this dumb. but i guess its more of a failure of our public school system.

so LiL is gone this weekend for hot-lanta, leaving me home alone for boozin and whorin. yay! so good tidings to her and a safe journey. now for the trivia!

now ill give you 5 of the top ten boys names, yall guess the other 5:
(and i'll even throw in the first letter of each name)

michael, joshua, matthew, christopher, andrew...
1. j...
2. e...
3. d...
4. a...
5. j...

6. what is the largest city in the US without an NFL team?

7. with no army, what eco-tourist country is the switzerland of south america?

8. for 32 years helen gurley brown was the editor for what fashion magazine?

9. what US state was lincoln born in?

10. before changing her name in 1936 what was marilyn monroe known as?

ps- remember everyone, just use your immense store of worthless facts. no internet searches, it is after all, merely blog trivia. good luck, have fun!

pps- ill give some props to whoever can get this weeks song

Saturday, May 13, 2006

He's gotta be strong, And he's gotta be fast, And he's gotta be fresh from the fight

1. whistle stop cafe

2. tim "the toolman" taylor

3, tom hanks:
josh baskin = big
joe banks = joe versus the volcano
joe fox = you've got mail
joe shaye = catch me if you can

4. vivian ward

5. brat pack:
emlio estevez
anthony michael hall
rob lowe
andrew mccarthy
judd nelson
molly ringwald
ally sheedy
demi moore

only took me a few months to use the picture thingy....
and if you have a question about the validity of the EIGHT core members of the brat pack, please direct your questions to wikipedia.

so points will go like this: first one to answer get normal point values. 2nd person to answer will recieve half points, if their answer matches any previous correct answers, and will recieve double points for any new/correcting answers. BEGIN!

Guess the top 10 names for girls in 2005.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let 'em say we're crazy, I don't care 'bout that, Put your hand in my hand baby don't ever look back

11. psycho (1960)
12. the exorcist (1973)
13. halloween (1978)
14. the shining (1980)
15. poltergeist (1982)
16. the evil dead (1982)
17. a nightmare on elm street (1984)
18. the silence of the lambs (1991)
19. seven (1995)
20. lost highway (1997)

so the invitations are out, atleast my part of them. hectic. and oh man, i need a job. someone give me a job. i would like one where i play golf all day and get paid absurd amounts of money. my qualifications are as follows: motivated to do about 1-1 1/2 hours of work a week, marginally good at surfing the web, very effiecient sleeper, excellent procrastination skills, references include cheez-its and my cat(on a good day). now onto the trivia...

1. what was the name of the restaurant in fried green tomatoes? (i have never seen this movie, but i know trivia from it dammit)

2. what is tim allen's character's name in "home improvement"?

3. what actor played the roles of: josh baskin, joe banks, joe fox, and joe shaye?

4. what was julia robert's character's name in "pretty woman"?

5. the brat pack of the eighties had 8 core members, who were they?

ps- i will tally end of the month points and declare a winner and i wont let you know who's winning or losing or by how much. Ha. oh and if i ever get a job, i might even send out a little prize for the winner.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So I wake in the morning and I step outside, And I take deep breath and I get real high

1. knee joint
2. ringo starr
3. war of the worlds
4. the incredibles
5. lord of the rings: return of the king
6. chicago
7. pearl harbor

so ive thought about how i'll award points for the trivia. the person who answers first, gets the luxury of getting the most answers unfetter from seeing other answers, but answers after the first post will have more value and correcting wrong answers will have points too. i think this gives a fair shake for everyone, no matter when i post. if yall have any better ideas, please, post up.

okay, now for the important part....the trivia. recently, a magazine came out with a top 20 scariest movies of all time, not in any particular order. i'll give you 10 of them, yall figure out the rest.

1. the omen (1976)
2. rosemary's baby (1968)
3. carrie (1976)
4. the hitcher (1986)
5. henry: portrait of a seriel killer (1990)
6. american werewolf in london (1981)
7. the thing (1982)
8. night of the living dead (1968)
9. the texas chainsaw massacre (1974)
10. jaws (1975)

these are the years that the rest of the movies came out. good luck.
11. (1960)
12. (1973)
13. (1978)
14. (1980)
15. (1982)
16. (1982)
17. (1984)
18. (1991)
19. (1995)
20. (1997)

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Something takes a part of me. Something lost and never seen.

1. the chronic (what) cles of narnia
2. shrek 2
3. pirates of the carribbean
4. spiderman
5. planet of the apes
6. princess aurora
7. 5 seconds OR secs

well, it was LiL's birfday yesterday. davide, his geisha, one of tab's friends, tab and i went to dokebi. fun was had. korean food was eatin. and soju flowed like a cool mountain stream, then a tasty treat for dessert. and all this in williamsburg. okay no more to report. now to the fun stuff.

random trivia!
1. which is the largest joint in the body?
2. what is richard starky's stage name?

tag lines! (here's a hint....all these movies were in the top 10 highest grossing movies of their respective years)
3. '05 - "They're already here."
4. '04 - "Twice the hero he used to be"
5. '03 - "This Christmas the journey ends."
6. '02 - "With the right song and dance, you can get away with murder"
7. '01 - "It was the end of innocence, and the dawn of a nation's greatest glory"

Revvin' up your engine, listen to her howlin' roar. Metal under tension, beggin' you to touch and go

1. madagascar
2. bourne supremacy
3. finding nemo
4. signs
5. oceans eleven

and congrats action jackson for winning the song lyric contest. i think i'll start awarding points to the first correct answer to all the trivia and tally up scores. so be ready.

this weekend was fun, went to atlantic city with LiL and a coupla friends, and we all went boozin and whorin. and by "we" i mean "i", and by "boozin and whorin" i mean relax, eat buffets, and gamble a little. so back to my life to drudgery and misery, punctuated by brief moments of trivia nirvana. and here we go....

more tag lines! (that last attempt was poor on all of your parts, at least give a guess. and dont forget ill be tallying points soon)

1. '05 - "Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny"
2. '04 - "Once upon another time..."
3. '03 - "Prepare to be blown out of the water"
4. '02 - "Go for the ultimate spin"
5. '01 - "You'll be sorry you were ever born human"

6. what is the name of the princess in sleeping beauty? (i might have done this already, so it should be easy)

7. in "mission impossible" the tape always ended it with a self-destruct warning, how long was it before the tape blew up?

and as always don't forget the song lyrics.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Your purple prose just gives you away

the age: 27

the song: the cure - close to me

so it's been a while since i last posted. not my fault. space aliens with long pointy heads and teeth stole my computer chair, then made off with my horse. it's a very long and confusing story. but i should be updating more often. news from the home front. weddings would go much smoother if parents were not involved at all. case in point, orginally my mother had said 50 of her friends were coming to the wedding of 400. so i re-asked to confirm the number, and she broke out with 200 crazy, possibly drunk, definitely judgemental, koreans will be attending. that is half the people at the reception. anyway, im relaxing this weekend with some corona for cinco de mayo (the mexican holiday to commerate mayonaise) and a trip to atlantic city, where i will promptly become a millionaire. and now for the trivia:

movie tag lines! these are like descriptors of movies that the movie company's come up with. i'll give the year the movie came out and the tag line, and yall guess the movie.

1. 2005 - "Ton On The Run"
2. 2004 - "They should have left him alone"
3. 2003 - "Wet Yourself!"
4. 2002 - "It's Not Like They Didn't Warn Us."
5. 2001 - "They're Having So Much Fun It's Illegal."

ps- dont forget the song...its easy.

pps- if you dont watch "the office" start immediately. i have already started stalking jenna fischer. and dont come at me all snotty and say the british version is better. they are both good, oooo FACE!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I’ve waited hours for this, I’ve made myself so sick, I wish I’d stayed asleep today

1. citigroup (banking)
2. general electric (conglomerate)
3. bank of america (banking)
4. american international group (insurance)
5. hsbc group (banking)
6. exxonmobil (oil/gas)
7. royal dutch/shell group (oil/gas)
8. bp (oil/gas)
9. jp morgan chase (banking)
10. ubs (financial)

and the song is laid by james. the song two entries ago was shapoopi, and im very disappointed in everyone for not knowing that.

much has happened since the last post, but i will not inform you, but i will let your imaginations run wild! maybe later i'll tell, and it does involve 200 koreans......scary stuff.

anyway, here some interesting trivia:
janis joplin, jimi hendrix, jim morrison, and kurt cobain all died at the same old were they?

dont forget about the song.....

This bed is on fire with passionate love, the neighbours complain about the noises above

okay, so i almost got fired today cause i woke up about 10 hrs late for my job. but the boss is super cool and i gave him a courtesy reach-around, so all is good. but i actually have some down time here at work, so im gonna post some trivia fer yall.

forbes named the 2000 biggest public companies in the world recently (this is based on sales, profit, assets and market value) name 5 of the top 10.

and dont forget about the song.


ps- hint (there are lots of banks and oil companies in there)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Squeeze her once, when she isn't lookin', If you get a squeeze back that's fancy cookin'

a big thank you for those that played trivia! i have taken a long hiatus from trivia-sking well cause basically i dont have time to do it at work. oh well. such is life. i'll try to be alittle more diligent. i would like to wish davide a happy 147th birthday. his roof party was fun as was meeting him for drinks and dinner the day before. i always wondered about those who had to have a drink to "wind down" from work, thinking them alcoholics. but when i am now faced with 8 hour days in a cubicle farm, i wonder how this kind of existence doesnt drive everyone into a drunked stupor, topped off with a little office killing spree. its not that i condone such violent acts, but i understand. so without further ado:

1. athens, ga
2. college station, tx
3. coral gables, fl
4. waco, tx
5. providence, ri
6. cincinnatti, ohio
7. philadelphia, pa
8. wellesley, ma
9. athens, oh
10. houston, tx

pink - coincidentally me and Live in Lady saw pink and butch walker (lead singer of marvelous 3) for free up here in the nyc

alex karev, cristina yang, george o'malley, meredith grey, isobel stevens

others: preston burke, miranda bailey, derek "mcdreamy" shephard, addison shephard, richard webber

i'll think up some more trivia later tonight.
stay tuned...same bat-time, same bat-channel

ps- almost forgot...the song title is from nelly's - ride with me

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

As long as you a thicky thicky thick girl you know that it's on

my brain overfloweth. many trivia questions today.

name the city that these colleges that are in:
1. University of Georgia
2. Texas A&M University
3. University of Miami
4. Baylor University
5. Brown University
6. Xavier University
7. Temple University
8. Wellesley College
9. Ohio University
10. Rice University

what is Alecia Moore's stage name?

and for you grey's anatomy junkies, what are full names of all four of the interns?
and for bonus points, the full names of the rest of the doctors on the show (half credit for part of the name or nicknames)

and dont forget to answer the song title of the day.
good luck my friends and godspeed.

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

the cute and adorable platypus...on a side note, it is only one of 2 mammals that lay eggs.

and the title is from the tony rich project - nobody knows

so this ive mentioned this little trivia quiz to some others, but we shall how well yall do. the record is 22 characters all from memory. my personal best is as follows:

cosby show characters-

olivia (i hated her like scrappy-doo)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i pretended im glad you went away, these four walls closing more everyday

1. third eye blind - semi charmed life

2. the word "Pennsylvania" is spelled with a single N: "Pensylvania."

and the word "it's" is used in Article 1, Section 10, but the word "its" should have been used.

i think i know the answer to this one:

other than the shrew, what is the only other mammal that is poisionous?

I'm packed and I'm holding I'm smiling

so two new trivia questions. i will now start posting a new song in the title that yall can guess at. and the other trivia question is this:

other than common alternate spellings of words at the time and british spellings....what two words are misspelled in the original US constititution?

Monday, March 20, 2006

You're Just A Product Of Loveliness

found this awesome-ness just now, i will be downloading this as soon as i get home. i suggest yall do the same.

and if you want trivia what song is in the titles of the last few posts.

Friday, March 17, 2006

You Give Me Fever Like I've Never, Ever Known

Division 1 schools without college or university in their official name:
1. Georgia Institute of Technology (ga tech)
2. US Military Academy (west point/army)
3. US Air Force Academy
4. US Naval Academy(annapolis/navy)
5. The Citadel
6. Virginia Military Institute

if you have issues with any of these answers or that i'm missing some schools
here's where i got my info...took me forever to find this stinking site:

ps- don't ever question my trivia-question-making skillz

Monday, March 13, 2006

hey pretty baby with the high heels on

my first post from work. now i just have to figure out how to get to my email. i mean, how ridiculous is it that the CEO cant check his email.

1. San Francisco cable cars
2. vermouth
3. modulation/demodulation
4. max

now ive decided that i'll just post trivia whenever it enters my head. i forget about 90% of the questions i come up with waiting for myself to post. so....that's it. here's todays trivia. (this one was trickier than i thought, and i had to do alot of research so yall better appreciate this question):

name all the division I schools that do not have university or college in their official name.

me and dan were trying to figure this one out, so since my boss is out of town today, this is what ive been doing all day. good luck, have fun.

ps- im going back to the atl tonight. so i wont be posting the answer till i get back, have fun with it over the weekend. and happy st. patty's day.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The brother had it goin' on with somethin' kinda, Wicked, wicked, had to kick it

so it's been a while since i last posted...i have a job now. what am i, a miracle worker? so all has been going well. i have told the company accountants to inflate our 4th quarter numbers, and then i will sell my stock. okay so the last trivia question were kinda tough, eh? ill try to go easier on yall this week.

1. electra
2. Chinese (mandarin), English, Hindi, Spanish
3. flotsam and jetsam

1. what is the US's only mobile national monument?
2. what drink is named for the wormwood plant? (hint not absinthe)
3. what does modem stand for?
4. What is the name of the Grinch's dog?

good luck my people.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I swear, I stared, my niece my witness

so the UNICEF job didnt pan out cause i firebombed the building. oh well. but fortunately i got a job with a investment firm. i will be adjunct CEO. and as my first action as HNIC, i will immdeiately sell off all my stock, then quit the job. if you want some insider info email me and i'll tell you what company it is. but enough about me.

1. russell crowe and gladiator in 2000
2. the west wing
3. norah jones

1. in greek mythology, who wept tears of amber?
2. what are the worlds's 4 most spoken languages?
3. name the two eels, in disney's "little mermaid"?

and fuck crash, while the movie was good, it did not deserve best picture. brokeback or capote got robbed. at least stewart was funny and it was fun seeing 3-6 mafia winning.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yo, Salt, I looked around, and I couldn't believe this

well hopefully i'll be starting my unicef job on monday. sound like a lot of govt crap that i dont want to deal with on a daily basis. i sort of stumbled on one question in my interview, tho. first off the lady did not speak english well. not well at all. she asks me this convoluted question about canoe trips, fingerbanging, and walruses. which she had to repeat twice before the other interviewer jumped in and repeated it in english. it had something to do with memos and writing memos. i just sat there and stared at them...drooling a little, then i started to masturbate and screaming about walruses. so i left a good impression. well, enough about me.

the answers:
1. skin
2. experimental prototype community of tomorrow
3. 1990: dances with wolves
1993: schindler's list
1994: forrest gump
1998: shakespeare in love

saving private ryan was up the same year as shakespeare in love, and driving miss daisy had won in 1989. nice tries for everyone.

more? okay...

1. what is the most recent duo that the winner for best actor and best picture came from the same movie?

2. what tv show has won the most emmy's since the 1999-2000 season for best drama series (prime time emmys)

3. who was the last person to win new artist of the year, best album, and best record?

well that covers all the entertainment categories, so i'll throw one in for all of you non-fun people.

extra. what is the next term in this series?
378,168, 48, 32, _

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

okay then, chillin, chillin, minding my business

so i think i finally got a cool temp job working for UNICEF. i had no idea who these people were, so i had to look them up on the internet. children. emergency children. that need to be united and have funds. i guess i can dig it. as long as i dont have to touch them or deal with their messes. actually i think ill end up running the company cause i signed up for the "CEO" position. ill let yall know more later.

1. fish scales
2. inky, blinky, pinky, clyde: 240
3. the philipines

new exciting trivia:
1. what is the largest organ of the human body?
2. what does epcot stand for?
2. name the four best picture winners in the 90's that have a name of a character in the title of the movie.

here i go, here i go, here i go, again. girls what my weakness? MEN!

well, ive been puttin this post off fer a while cause im lazy and such. the week off was great got to see lots of friends and family. but i want to start off with my adventure of gettin to the atl.

first off, LiL LIED to me about when our flight was taking off. she had told me 5 pm, but it was really 6 pm. sneakiness, i gotta start watching her more closely. so our plan was to take the chinatown bus to philly and fly outta there (mush cheaper that way). but she has to drop off something at the bank, so i go on ahead with our luggage up 4 flights of stairs to the train. after i passed out when i reached the top, i regained consciousness and awoke to a homeless woman SCREAMING "just suck my pussy in the morning, baby" (to the tune of "angel of the morning"). so i then had that lovely tune stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon. we reached chinatown and we were on our way. except that about 20 minutes into our ride the bus pulls off to the side of the road and the driver comes sauntering to the back of the bus. hmmmm, i thought. i wonder who's gonna drive us? the bus broke down, and we had to wait for the next one to pick us up. but since LiL had lied to me and made us leave ungodly early, we had plenty of time to catch our flight. the rest of the trip was uneventful.

so i always wondered why planning a wedding was stressful. i found out.....the parents. so the dilemma her parents want the wedding not in atlanta, my parents only want it in the atl. bastards. we spent a few days pondering this quandary till LiL came up with the best solution. the wedding and reception will be in different spots, BUT the important thing is that alcohol will be served in voluminous quantities at both.

so here's what yall have all been waiting fer....more trivia!

1. lipstick is made out of mostly what?

2. what are the names of the ghosts in the original pacman?
bonus: how many white dots are there in a pac-man round/screen?

3. what islands where named after a prince of spain?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

i like my women like i like my coffee...covered in bees!

so this is my last post for the next week. me and the almost-mrs are heading to hot-lanta.
for a fun test of cunning and smarts...go here and try to beat my almost-godlike score of 27/33.

i know that cap'n got 30. how, i dont know. im pretty sure he's cheating.

1. as the world turns
2. outwit, outplay, outlast
3. batman returns
4. sneakers

shiit, i got a pocket full of rubbers and my homeboys do too.

so me and lil will make our pilgramage to the atl for next week. it's her winter break, and i aint got no job, and i aint got shit to do. and i can get my dad to look at my elbow which i think i broke. this was about a week ago and it is still kinda swollen and really hurts, but with no insurance whatcha gonna do, eh? so wish me luck. and now fer mo trivia.

1. best actor and best screenplay
2. monaco
3. a few good men


susan lucci lost 18 straight daytime emmys for her role on what day time soap?

what is the tagline for the tv show survivor?

what are these movie quotes from?
- "mistletoe can be deadly if you eat it."
- "a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it."

"cow mutilations are up"

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

so whachoo gonna do?

heh sorry forgot to post answers and new questions:

1. argentina
2. 32
3. dopey, sleepy, sneezy, happy, grumpy, bashful, and doc

and now:

what are sly stallone 2 oscar nominations for?

what country has been ruled by the grimaldi family since 1273?

what movie is this quote from:
"thank you for playing, should we or should we not follow the advice of the galacticly stupid"

and they aint leavin till 6 in the morn.

sorry for not posting in a while just been busy. not really. good news tho, signed up with a temping agency, so i should be gettin steady work soon. and when i said 8-12 inches of snow, what i meant was 8-12 feet....well more like 2 feet but that's still a lot. so here's my story:

heidi hensley comes into the big apple for a concert. she is supposed to be on stage at 1 am. Live in Lady and i get there at around midnight. at this time, the snow has started to fall, only about 4-5 inches but the wind is the terrible part prolly 20 mph. sucky. so we catch the show. awesomeness. there was another two people that shared the stage with her....athens boys choir and levi kreis. abc was a transgender spoken word dood...really good, funny, and had one poem about waffle house, which makes him alright in my book. levi kreis was amazing. he was like a younger, better harry connick jr. found out that a bunch of labels want to sign him, but they all want him to pretend he's straight and he wouldnt. damn the man! so the show ends around 2. we start home.....this is where the advenure begins.

all live in lady and i have to do is get on the f train, transfer to the r, then boom. we're home. minimal time outside (maybe 2 blocks). so we barely miss one f train, sucky but we can deal. after a while another comes by, we get on and it moves exceedingly slow. but i figured since it was snowing so hard, maybe that's why. safety reasons. at one point we have stopped on the tracks for 30 MINTUES. and to make things worse there's this douchebag on the train that keeps complaining out loud, like his whining and bitching is gonna make the train move. damn i hate people like him. child. anyway, we're supposed to transfer to the f train at 4th ave and 9th st. we get to the stop, we stand at the door, then the train leaves the station. the fucking guy NEVER OPENED THE DOORS! on top of all this, my and lil's bladders are on the verge of exploding (cause i have the bladder of an infant).

so we decided that we would get off at the next stop and trek it back home. we are now at 7th ave and 9th st that's about a mile home. in the snow. in the wind. bladders full. we're on our way. it's now 4 am and we spot an oasis in the artic bleakness....daisy's diner. a 24 hour diner and a haven for wayward travelers. breakfast time. great food, great service, warm, and most important with bathroom.

it was 6 am. once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. but now the wind had picked up. i had heard on the news that it would be about 25-30 mph winds with gusts up to 50. i laughed cause that would be absurd. so when we got outside and felt the wind...i thought "this wind is absurd." we had a long way to get back home. but with full bellies, empty bladders, and renewed vigor. we trugded on.

home. finally. home. we stripped off the cold wetness and exchanged it for the warm awesomeness of the bed. ahhhhh. good times. welcome home, dear friends.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

i got bitches in the livin room gettin it on!

8-12 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. stocking up on condoms, water, and bread. wish me luck!

Friday, February 10, 2006

action transvestite

the answer IS:
se7en at the end of the movie morgan freeman says it

so i've started dieting again cause ive grown too fat for my own good. i would excersize but where's the fun in that. id like to think that society and medicine has come far enough for me to just sit on my ass and lose weight. my diet is call "the all butter diet". where everything i eat will be coated in butter; thereby, letting the food "slide" out of me without it being digested by my body. i think it'll work.

SO, more trivia.

at what country do the atlantic and pacific oceans meet?


how many active teams does the NFL have?


name all the 7 dwarves.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

little red cook book

1. fraggle rock...come on people. easy one.
2. growing pains..nj action
3. wonder years. if you didnt know this one. might be retarded

so im done with tv songs. how bout a moviue quote?

"earnest hemmingway once wrote the world is fine place and worth fighting for. i agree with the second part."

not muching goin on in my life so fars. got turned down fer a job, but i got a really cool prospect hopefully. a genetics job up at the nyc botanical gardens. its like hour and a half away. but it would be totally worth it. pcr, dna extraction, and other fun stuff like that.

and does anyone know what "little red cook book" is? eddie izzard references it, and i cant seem to find what it is a reference too.

Monday, February 06, 2006

jeezy chreezy

its chess...nice job everyone

and the tv theme songs ARE......
1. blossom
3. gilmore girls
4. gummi bears
5. who's the boss

a tie! nice try picker and action!
tho i have to give some props to action...didnt think anyone would get who's the boss.


1. dance your cares away/worries for another day/let the music play...

2. ...As long as we got each other. we got the world spinning right in our hands.
baby you and me (we gotta be) the luckiest dreamers who never quit dreaming...

3. what would you do if i sang out of tune? would stand up and walk out on me?
lend me your ears and ill sing you a song, will try not to sing outta key.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

oh you aint catchin no trivia

the answers you've all been waiting fer:
1991 hook
1993 jurassic park
1993 schindler's list
1997 lost world
1997 amistad
1998 saving private ryan

and the swiss are bordered by the germans, the french, austrians, and the italians
(and we dont count countries that end with stein)

here's a riddle for you folks out there:
30 men with ladies two
Gathered for a festive do.
Dressed quite formal, black and white,
Yet movement turned to nasty fight.

What's going on?

and for the entertainment section of our programming: tv theme song lyrics!

what shows do these lyrics come from?

1. dont know about the future that's anybodies guess,
aint no good reason for gettin all depressed,
buy up your pad and pencil and i'll give you a peice of my mind,
in my opinionation the sun is gonna surely shine...('91-'95)

2. it's a rare condition this day and age to read any good news on the news paper page,
love and tradition of the grand design, some people say is even harder to find...('89-'98)

3. if you're out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold,
(all you have to do is call my name, and i'll be there on the next train.)
where you lead i will follow, anywhere that you tell me to
if you need (if you need me to be with you), i will follow. oh oh oh where you lead. ('00-)

4. dashing and daring, courageous, and caring, faithful and friendly with stories to share...('85-'91)

5. there's a time for love and time for livin,
you take a chance and face the wind,
open road and road that's hidden,
a brand new life around the bend...('84-'92)

you got knocked the trivia out!

sorry about not posting for a while here are the answers you'va all been waiting for:

14 is the answer. the pattern is +1 number of letters in each number.

city trivia, i thought some of these would be harder oh well.

1. Family Guy - quahog, RI
2. TMNT - NY
3. Gilmore Girls - stars hollow
4. Cheers - boston
5. Gray's Anatomy - seattle
6. ER - chicago
7. 24 season 1 - LA
8. That 70's Show - point place, WI
9. Golden Girls - miami
10. Family Ties - columbus, ohio

ummmm next up will the 6 movies that steven speilberg made in the 90's.

and this one's for people who gots family in switzerland.

name the 4 countries that neighbor the swiss people.

Friday, January 27, 2006

the blacker the trivia, the sweeter the juice

nice job picker and half props to action:
meryl streep - 13 nominations and katherine hepburn - 12.

multi choice!
out of the numbers below, what comes next in this sequence:
10, 4, 3, 11, 15

a) 14
b) 17
c) 1
d) 12
e) 9

name the city each of these tv shows are set in:
1. Family Guy
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Cheers
5. Gray's Anatomy
6. ER
7. 24 season 1
8. That 70's Show
9. Golden Girls
10. Family Ties

Thursday, January 26, 2006

you coming to the cookout? what cookout? my nuts on yo grill !!!

answer to previous trivia:

lord of the rings: return of the king
finding nemo

and highest fall survived without a parachute......33,330 ft roughly 6.3 miles. that'll leave a mark.

next we have an all female answer:

what two people have the most academy award nominations?

poker in the front, liquer in the back.....wait

i attend a weekly poker game at a friends apt in midtown. it used to be at max's, but now it's permanently moved to "new place". it used to be a fun evening of smoking, drinking, and playing some cards with 6 or 7 friends. it has now become a cesspool of russians jews, loose women, and loose russian jewish women. i have nothing against any of those kinds of people, but when they turn my poker game into a screaming-at-a-drunk-duchebag-for-4-hours and watching-pyscho-throw-her-beefcurtains-at-anything-with-a-penis night. my patience comes to an end.

on a brighter note, Live in Lady and i went to the brooklyn chinatown for some festive decorations for her class about chinese new years. i got to eat some mayalsian food....delicious. AND ride the bus for the first time. i'm all grows-ed up now. ya know, i thought it would take me a while to get used to ny and all the things that comes with living here. but i really like it....maybe i'll stay for a bit. as long as there are no more loose russian jewish women.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

but i did not shoot the trivia

okay that last one was really hard....i shot the sherriff.
tears in heaven only went to #2 and i would like to add that Live In Lady gave me those two pieces of trivia to use. so a big thanks to her.

NEXT up.....ummmmm

Name the 2 movies from '03 that have made it into the top 10 world-wide highest grossing movies of all time.

and for a bonus random trivia: what is the guiness world record "highest fall survived without a parachute"

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

trivia is the bestest

so the answer for that last one is "hey jude", and now for some thing completely unrelated...

what is eric claptons ONLY #1 hit? (that wasnt completely unrelated, actually it was very related, but i digress)

Monday, January 23, 2006

i like trivia

what beatles hit stayed at number 1 for the longest amount of time?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

mo trivia mo problems

so the answer to the last trivia question is santana with his supernatural album. had to use your thinking caps for that one.


8, 5, 4, 9, 1, 7, 6, 10, 3, 2

what's the pattern?

Friday, January 20, 2006

i love those fucking retards

so for the past few weeks ive been teaching home-schooled kids, sub-ing, and training to be a kaplan test prep teacher. i feel like this is probably something i could do as a career. so what im thinking about is starting up a tutoring or home-school business. this is still very early stages, and who knows if i'll ever act on it. but give it some thought. it sounds nice in my brain.....that or fireman. im not sure which.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

chick flicks.....not including the bean

so i gots to thinking, what are some of my favorite girly movies. they are few and far between but ive come up with a few.

sleepless in seattle

joe versus the volcano (i think i have a brain cloud as well)

sweetest thing - pised?

princess bride

thats all i can really think of right now...ill get back to yall with some more.

mo trivia

who's album that came out in 1999 surpassed michael jackson's "thriller" for winning the most grammies in a year?

and the answer to the previous question is:
jurassic park
star wars: ep 1

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

these are a few of my favorite things

so late last night i had the pleasure of watch aliens on tnt (thank you ted turner), and i remembered that it is one of my alltime favorite movies. and today i had a discussion of my most favorite comedies, so here we go, in semi-particular order (and a helping of quotes from said movies):

1. tommy boy:
"i was just checking the endline spec on the rotary retarded."

2. friday:
"oh, you aint catchin no crackhead."

"puff, puff, give. puff, puff, give. you fuckin up the rotation."

"-older the berry, the sweeter the juice.
-man, it's blacker the berry, sweeter the juice.
-yeah well yeah, she blacker than a muthafucker too"

3. holy grail
"what are you going to do...bleed on me?"

4. high fidelity
"thats the worst fucking sweater ive ever seen. its a cosby sweater...a cosby sweater!"

"oh brother what a night it really was....sha na na na na angina's tough."

5. office space
"i celebrate his entire catalogue"
"no thanks man, don't want you fuckin up my life"

6. swingers
"look at want to kiss me"
"who's the big winner in the casino tonight? who's the big winner in the casino tonight? it's mikey!"

7. 40 year old virgin
"sweet, that means you dont have chylamydia, and i know that. And that shit is everywhere."

8. princess bride
"that doesn't leave much time for dilly dally"

9. happy gilmore
"-you're in big trouble though pal, i eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast
-you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

"eh haha aha. hes laughing. he's having a good time. good for you, yeah laugh it up. enjoy your night. eha ha hahaha!"

10. the 1st 20 minutes of so i married an axe murderer
"oh i hated the colonel with his wee beedy eyes, and that smug look on his face. ooohh you're gonna buy my chicken ooooohohohooooh" "

9. pulp fiction
"do they speak english in "what" motherfucker!"

10. army of darkness
"i could've stayed in the past. i could've been king, but in my own way, i am king. hail to the king , baby."

'i got news for you pal. you ain't leading but two things right now. jack and shit, and jack left town."

Friday, January 13, 2006


what are the 3 highest grossing films of the 90's?

and no cheating cause cheating at blog trivia is about as doucebaggy as it gets.

the ramblings of an old man

so ive been trying to think about what to write down in my blog. funny stories about my cat, the wild adventures i have in my bathroom, or how i followed a thin trail of smoke only to find something unexpected. but none of that stuff ever really happened (except for that last one happened to some freinds of mine). i feel like my blog must be witty and informative, but i am neither witty nor informative. therefore my blog will be about life and love in the new millenium. right now, though, it will be about me gettin too close to 30. lets take a look back into other benchmark years. 15 brought the permit, 16 the camero, and 16.1 the end of the camero. 18 voting, smoking, and college. 21 finally i could drink (but just a coupla shots). and 25 car insurance went down. what now? what does 28 have in store for me? nothing good. i only found out recently that i am no longer eligible for any mtv shows. i can no longer go to the mtv summer beach house. my hopes and dreams....dashed. and i really thought i could have brought an edgey-ness to the "real world", with my rapiers wit and dashing good looks. c'est la vie.

now is the time for new hopes. new dreams. and a burger. for those of you that dont know. ive given up read meat for a year. the reason is that the finace's stomach is a lil too sensitive to the delicious bloodiness. so ive taken a sabbatical of sorts. BUT since today was my birthday, i got to indulge with a canyon burger. mmmmm cow. lover-ly. so i think i will try to post a daily trivia question at about the same time everyday and the first person with the right answer will win my kudos. the chocolate and peanut butter one. it's half eaten. and stale.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

my junk hurts

well this is my first post from my very own blog. something which i protested against for a long time and finally caved.... ain't peer pressure a bitch?