Wednesday, February 15, 2006

and they aint leavin till 6 in the morn.

sorry for not posting in a while just been busy. not really. good news tho, signed up with a temping agency, so i should be gettin steady work soon. and when i said 8-12 inches of snow, what i meant was 8-12 feet....well more like 2 feet but that's still a lot. so here's my story:

heidi hensley comes into the big apple for a concert. she is supposed to be on stage at 1 am. Live in Lady and i get there at around midnight. at this time, the snow has started to fall, only about 4-5 inches but the wind is the terrible part prolly 20 mph. sucky. so we catch the show. awesomeness. there was another two people that shared the stage with her....athens boys choir and levi kreis. abc was a transgender spoken word dood...really good, funny, and had one poem about waffle house, which makes him alright in my book. levi kreis was amazing. he was like a younger, better harry connick jr. found out that a bunch of labels want to sign him, but they all want him to pretend he's straight and he wouldnt. damn the man! so the show ends around 2. we start home.....this is where the advenure begins.

all live in lady and i have to do is get on the f train, transfer to the r, then boom. we're home. minimal time outside (maybe 2 blocks). so we barely miss one f train, sucky but we can deal. after a while another comes by, we get on and it moves exceedingly slow. but i figured since it was snowing so hard, maybe that's why. safety reasons. at one point we have stopped on the tracks for 30 MINTUES. and to make things worse there's this douchebag on the train that keeps complaining out loud, like his whining and bitching is gonna make the train move. damn i hate people like him. child. anyway, we're supposed to transfer to the f train at 4th ave and 9th st. we get to the stop, we stand at the door, then the train leaves the station. the fucking guy NEVER OPENED THE DOORS! on top of all this, my and lil's bladders are on the verge of exploding (cause i have the bladder of an infant).

so we decided that we would get off at the next stop and trek it back home. we are now at 7th ave and 9th st that's about a mile home. in the snow. in the wind. bladders full. we're on our way. it's now 4 am and we spot an oasis in the artic bleakness....daisy's diner. a 24 hour diner and a haven for wayward travelers. breakfast time. great food, great service, warm, and most important with bathroom.

it was 6 am. once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. but now the wind had picked up. i had heard on the news that it would be about 25-30 mph winds with gusts up to 50. i laughed cause that would be absurd. so when we got outside and felt the wind...i thought "this wind is absurd." we had a long way to get back home. but with full bellies, empty bladders, and renewed vigor. we trugded on.

home. finally. home. we stripped off the cold wetness and exchanged it for the warm awesomeness of the bed. ahhhhh. good times. welcome home, dear friends.

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