Friday, February 10, 2006

action transvestite

the answer IS:
se7en at the end of the movie morgan freeman says it

so i've started dieting again cause ive grown too fat for my own good. i would excersize but where's the fun in that. id like to think that society and medicine has come far enough for me to just sit on my ass and lose weight. my diet is call "the all butter diet". where everything i eat will be coated in butter; thereby, letting the food "slide" out of me without it being digested by my body. i think it'll work.

SO, more trivia.

at what country do the atlantic and pacific oceans meet?


how many active teams does the NFL have?


name all the 7 dwarves.


Cherrypicker said...

alright, so i think for the first question, either argentina or chile. i am going with argentina.

second question:
NFC: 1. atlanta, 2. tampa bay, 3. carolina, 4. new orleans, 5. ny giants, 6. philadelphia, 7. washington, 8. dallas, 9. detroit, 10. green bay, 11. chicago, 12. minnesota, 13. st. louis, 14. san francisco, 15. seattle, 16. arizona
AFC: 17. new england, 18. ny jets, 19. buffalo, 20. miami, 21. baltimore, 22. jacksonville, 23. cleveland, 24. cincinnati, 25. pittsburgh, 26. indianapolis, 27. houston, 28. kansas city, 29. denver, 30. san diego, 31. oakland 32. tennessee

third question:
1. dopey
2. sneezy
3. grumpy
4. sleepy
5. bashful
6. doc
7. damn it - it is escaping me now; i am going to be frustrated when i find out

WarriorKim said...

Let me try this... I'll skip the second question... i'm not sports-minded. Do you ever watch "The beauty and the geek" reality shows? lol they have good trivia questions...

1. Chile

3. Doc, Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Grumpy, Sleepy, and HAPPY.

No one consciously likes positive connotations, i see, hehehe. Also, Dopey is deaf.