Tuesday, February 28, 2006

okay then, chillin, chillin, minding my business

so i think i finally got a cool temp job working for UNICEF. i had no idea who these people were, so i had to look them up on the internet. children. emergency children. that need to be united and have funds. i guess i can dig it. as long as i dont have to touch them or deal with their messes. actually i think ill end up running the company cause i signed up for the "CEO" position. ill let yall know more later.

1. fish scales
2. inky, blinky, pinky, clyde: 240
3. the philipines

new exciting trivia:
1. what is the largest organ of the human body?
2. what does epcot stand for?
2. name the four best picture winners in the 90's that have a name of a character in the title of the movie.


Action Jackson said...

second # 2:

Schindler's List
Forrest Gump
Shakespeare in Love

Cherrypicker said...

1. Skin
2. earth prototype city of tomorrow
3. Forrest Gump, Shakespeare in Love, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan

The Cap'n said...

1. My body or the average person's?
2. I like Captain Eo. We're both captains.
3. Saving Ryan's Privates, Driving Miss Crazy, Schinder's Lust, Forrest Hump.

That is all.

Man my mind is in the fossa today.

Mary R. said...

1. skin
2. no clue
3. Schildler's list, Saving Private Ryan, Shakespeare in Love, and Forrest Gump.