Tuesday, January 31, 2006

oh you aint catchin no trivia

the answers you've all been waiting fer:
1991 hook
1993 jurassic park
1993 schindler's list
1997 lost world
1997 amistad
1998 saving private ryan

and the swiss are bordered by the germans, the french, austrians, and the italians
(and we dont count countries that end with stein)

here's a riddle for you folks out there:
30 men with ladies two
Gathered for a festive do.
Dressed quite formal, black and white,
Yet movement turned to nasty fight.

What's going on?

and for the entertainment section of our programming: tv theme song lyrics!

what shows do these lyrics come from?

1. dont know about the future that's anybodies guess,
aint no good reason for gettin all depressed,
buy up your pad and pencil and i'll give you a peice of my mind,
in my opinionation the sun is gonna surely shine...('91-'95)

2. it's a rare condition this day and age to read any good news on the news paper page,
love and tradition of the grand design, some people say is even harder to find...('89-'98)

3. if you're out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold,
(all you have to do is call my name, and i'll be there on the next train.)
where you lead i will follow, anywhere that you tell me to
if you need (if you need me to be with you), i will follow. oh oh oh where you lead. ('00-)

4. dashing and daring, courageous, and caring, faithful and friendly with stories to share...('85-'91)

5. there's a time for love and time for livin,
you take a chance and face the wind,
open road and road that's hidden,
a brand new life around the bend...('84-'92)

you got knocked the trivia out!

sorry about not posting for a while here are the answers you'va all been waiting for:

14 is the answer. the pattern is +1 number of letters in each number.

city trivia, i thought some of these would be harder oh well.

1. Family Guy - quahog, RI
2. TMNT - NY
3. Gilmore Girls - stars hollow
4. Cheers - boston
5. Gray's Anatomy - seattle
6. ER - chicago
7. 24 season 1 - LA
8. That 70's Show - point place, WI
9. Golden Girls - miami
10. Family Ties - columbus, ohio

ummmm next up will be.......name the 6 movies that steven speilberg made in the 90's.

and this one's for people who gots family in switzerland.

name the 4 countries that neighbor the swiss people.

Friday, January 27, 2006

the blacker the trivia, the sweeter the juice

nice job picker and half props to action:
meryl streep - 13 nominations and katherine hepburn - 12.

multi choice!
out of the numbers below, what comes next in this sequence:
10, 4, 3, 11, 15

a) 14
b) 17
c) 1
d) 12
e) 9

name the city each of these tv shows are set in:
1. Family Guy
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Cheers
5. Gray's Anatomy
6. ER
7. 24 season 1
8. That 70's Show
9. Golden Girls
10. Family Ties

Thursday, January 26, 2006

you coming to the cookout? what cookout? my nuts on yo grill !!!

answer to previous trivia:

lord of the rings: return of the king
finding nemo

and highest fall survived without a parachute......33,330 ft roughly 6.3 miles. that'll leave a mark.

next we have an all female answer:

what two people have the most academy award nominations?

poker in the front, liquer in the back.....wait

i attend a weekly poker game at a friends apt in midtown. it used to be at max's, but now it's permanently moved to "new place". it used to be a fun evening of smoking, drinking, and playing some cards with 6 or 7 friends. it has now become a cesspool of russians jews, loose women, and loose russian jewish women. i have nothing against any of those kinds of people, but when they turn my poker game into a screaming-at-a-drunk-duchebag-for-4-hours and watching-pyscho-throw-her-beefcurtains-at-anything-with-a-penis night. my patience comes to an end.

on a brighter note, Live in Lady and i went to the brooklyn chinatown for some festive decorations for her class about chinese new years. i got to eat some mayalsian food....delicious. AND ride the bus for the first time. i'm all grows-ed up now. ya know, i thought it would take me a while to get used to ny and all the things that comes with living here. but i really like it....maybe i'll stay for a bit. as long as there are no more loose russian jewish women.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

but i did not shoot the trivia

okay that last one was really hard....i shot the sherriff.
tears in heaven only went to #2 and i would like to add that Live In Lady gave me those two pieces of trivia to use. so a big thanks to her.

NEXT up.....ummmmm

Name the 2 movies from '03 that have made it into the top 10 world-wide highest grossing movies of all time.

and for a bonus random trivia: what is the guiness world record "highest fall survived without a parachute"

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

trivia is the bestest

so the answer for that last one is "hey jude", and now for some thing completely unrelated...

what is eric claptons ONLY #1 hit? (that wasnt completely unrelated, actually it was very related, but i digress)

Monday, January 23, 2006

i like trivia

what beatles hit stayed at number 1 for the longest amount of time?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

mo trivia mo problems

so the answer to the last trivia question is santana with his supernatural album. had to use your thinking caps for that one.


8, 5, 4, 9, 1, 7, 6, 10, 3, 2

what's the pattern?

Friday, January 20, 2006

i love those fucking retards

so for the past few weeks ive been teaching home-schooled kids, sub-ing, and training to be a kaplan test prep teacher. i feel like this is probably something i could do as a career. so what im thinking about is starting up a tutoring or home-school business. this is still very early stages, and who knows if i'll ever act on it. but give it some thought. it sounds nice in my brain.....that or fireman. im not sure which.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

chick flicks.....not including the bean

so i gots to thinking, what are some of my favorite girly movies. they are few and far between but ive come up with a few.

sleepless in seattle

joe versus the volcano (i think i have a brain cloud as well)

sweetest thing - pised?

princess bride

thats all i can really think of right now...ill get back to yall with some more.

mo trivia

who's album that came out in 1999 surpassed michael jackson's "thriller" for winning the most grammies in a year?

and the answer to the previous question is:
jurassic park
star wars: ep 1

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

these are a few of my favorite things

so late last night i had the pleasure of watch aliens on tnt (thank you ted turner), and i remembered that it is one of my alltime favorite movies. and today i had a discussion of my most favorite comedies, so here we go, in semi-particular order (and a helping of quotes from said movies):

1. tommy boy:
"i was just checking the endline spec on the rotary girder....im retarded."

2. friday:
"oh, you aint catchin no crackhead."

"puff, puff, give. puff, puff, give. you fuckin up the rotation."

"-older the berry, the sweeter the juice.
-man, it's blacker the berry, sweeter the juice.
-yeah well yeah, she blacker than a muthafucker too"

3. holy grail
"what are you going to do...bleed on me?"

4. high fidelity
"thats the worst fucking sweater ive ever seen. its a cosby sweater...a cosby sweater!"

"oh brother what a night it really was....sha na na na na angina's tough."

5. office space
"i celebrate his entire catalogue"
"no thanks man, don't want you fuckin up my life"

6. swingers
"look at you.....you want to kiss me"
"who's the big winner in the casino tonight? who's the big winner in the casino tonight? it's mikey!"

7. 40 year old virgin
"sweet, that means you dont have chylamydia, and i know that. And that shit is everywhere."

8. princess bride
"that doesn't leave much time for dilly dally"

9. happy gilmore
"-you're in big trouble though pal, i eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast
-you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

"eh haha aha. hes laughing. he's having a good time. good for you, yeah laugh it up. enjoy your night. eha ha hahaha!"

10. the 1st 20 minutes of so i married an axe murderer
"oh i hated the colonel with his wee beedy eyes, and that smug look on his face. ooohh you're gonna buy my chicken ooooohohohooooh" "

9. pulp fiction
"do they speak english in "what" motherfucker!"

10. army of darkness
"i could've stayed in the past. i could've been king, but in my own way, i am king. hail to the king , baby."

'i got news for you pal. you ain't leading but two things right now. jack and shit, and jack left town."

Friday, January 13, 2006


what are the 3 highest grossing films of the 90's?

and no cheating cause cheating at blog trivia is about as doucebaggy as it gets.

the ramblings of an old man

so ive been trying to think about what to write down in my blog. funny stories about my cat, the wild adventures i have in my bathroom, or how i followed a thin trail of smoke only to find something unexpected. but none of that stuff ever really happened (except for that last one happened to some freinds of mine). i feel like my blog must be witty and informative, but i am neither witty nor informative. therefore my blog will be about life and love in the new millenium. right now, though, it will be about me gettin too close to 30. lets take a look back into other benchmark years. 15 brought the permit, 16 the camero, and 16.1 the end of the camero. 18 voting, smoking, and college. 21 finally i could drink (but just a coupla shots). and 25 car insurance went down. what now? what does 28 have in store for me? nothing good. i only found out recently that i am no longer eligible for any mtv shows. i can no longer go to the mtv summer beach house. my hopes and dreams....dashed. and i really thought i could have brought an edgey-ness to the "real world", with my rapiers wit and dashing good looks. c'est la vie.

now is the time for new hopes. new dreams. and a burger. for those of you that dont know. ive given up read meat for a year. the reason is that the finace's stomach is a lil too sensitive to the delicious bloodiness. so ive taken a sabbatical of sorts. BUT since today was my birthday, i got to indulge with a canyon burger. mmmmm cow. lover-ly. so i think i will try to post a daily trivia question at about the same time everyday and the first person with the right answer will win my kudos. the chocolate and peanut butter one. it's half eaten. and stale.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

my junk hurts

well this is my first post from my very own blog. something which i protested against for a long time and finally caved.... ain't peer pressure a bitch?