Tuesday, January 31, 2006

you got knocked the trivia out!

sorry about not posting for a while here are the answers you'va all been waiting for:

14 is the answer. the pattern is +1 number of letters in each number.

city trivia, i thought some of these would be harder oh well.

1. Family Guy - quahog, RI
2. TMNT - NY
3. Gilmore Girls - stars hollow
4. Cheers - boston
5. Gray's Anatomy - seattle
6. ER - chicago
7. 24 season 1 - LA
8. That 70's Show - point place, WI
9. Golden Girls - miami
10. Family Ties - columbus, ohio

ummmm next up will be.......name the 6 movies that steven speilberg made in the 90's.

and this one's for people who gots family in switzerland.

name the 4 countries that neighbor the swiss people.


Anonymous said...

France Germany Italy and Austria.


I only try and answer the ones I know I can get right.

Anonymous said...

10->4 ok

How the shit does 4->3?

Anonymous said...

Like you, I refuse to recognize Lichtenstien.

klydelanta said...

ten = 3 letters
four = 4 letters
three = 5 letters
eleven = 6 letters
fifteen = 7 letters
fourteen = 8 letters

Cherrypicker said...

Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, AI, brain is so tired of thinking thru 90's movies....

Italy, Germany, France, Austria