Friday, January 13, 2006


what are the 3 highest grossing films of the 90's?

and no cheating cause cheating at blog trivia is about as doucebaggy as it gets.


The Cap'n said...

Deathstalker 1-4 (Combined)
Evil Dead Comma The
Ghoulies 3

The Cap'n said...

And Happy Birthday, if you would only answer your phone.
Oh, and the Comment Post page has a spell check.

Fucking Koreans.

klydelanta said...


The Cap'n said...

How am I supposed to get through a day of work without Korean trivia. You don't want your tax dollars just going to me sitting on my ass, do you?

Anonymous said...

Only losers have blogs.

ps. I can beat you at Street Fighter. ANYTIME.

klydelanta said...

i believe i already man-handled you at street fighter. and once i get my "kleenex box" joystick, even more destruction will follow. i grant you the gift of death.