Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The best gift

Greetings, I am joaj34, and this is my first post on KTL's blog. You can check me out here. I had been wondering what to share with the KTL world, but the answer hit me last night when i found out what KTL himself had been up to.

As some of you may know, my apartment was burglarized several weeks ago. All the vandals made off with was my xbox 360 and some games. Not much in the way of material goods, but they cost me something harder to replace: peace of mind and faith in humanity. Something you may not know is that my family's a bit dysfunctional, full of halves, steps, erratic behavior, strained relationships and severe psychoses. Because of that, I've always put a higher value on friendship. These are the people I've chosen to be part of my life, not simply inherited at birth. I love my closest friends as I would my own kin, but every now and then you forget how wonderful and valuable friendship can be. I was so down about the burglary and my family's ruined Thanksgiving that I lost sight of the power of friendship. But, thanks to a cadre of my most boon companions, including KTL and Jinx, I've had all that restored.

You see, they all got together and replaced the things that were stolen. Now, as happy as that makes me, it is nothing in comparison to what else they replaced. They restored my faith in humanity and reaffirmed my value in friendship. These are all special people to me and I hope they know that. It is definitely an amazing group of people we have collected into this friendship. We have created bonds that are still strong, years after college and nearing 30. We are spread from Athens to ATL, to Baltimore and Pennsylvania and on to New York. Though we are scattered, we remain bonded in one thing: friendship. And really, when it's all said and done, that is more valuable than any trinket or material possession.

I had something taken from me and these guys rallied and helped me get it back. They also gave me a reason to take pause and think about how much they mean to me. Xbox's come and go, friendship is forever.

To everyone involved - Thank You, from the bottom of my heart. I know you have my back, and you know I have yours. We truly are brothers and I hope we are more appreciative of that as time goes on. Remember the good, forgive the bad, and always be there for the one that's down.

As Clete Purcell would say, "Good guys forever"-

Thursday, October 23, 2008

no top 25, but ill pick some games

So I'm not going to pick the Thursday night game, since I'm watching it right now. But I would've said WVU 20-13. No offensive coordinator hurts Auburn, but since WVU can't game plan against an offense they have no film on, they should look weak the first half, adjust at the half and pick back up.

So here are the rest of my picks for the top 15:

1. Texas vs Ok St. - Texas rolls. Colt is too much and the D is ferocious, giving up late points with the scrubs: 45-24

2. Bama vs Tenn - Bama has trouble with Tenn without Mt. Cody, but not that much cause it's Tennessee: 41-21

3. Penn St vs Ohio St - Pryor is the X-factor here. How will he perform in the big game. I like his attitude, but I like Penn's Spread HD and smothering D. But has either team really played anyone? Not Penn St and Ohio St. played USC and lost, so I call this a toss-up: 31-27 Penn wins.

4. Oklahoma vs K State - Easy win for Oklahoma: 45-17

5. USC vs Arizona - Both teams coming off big wins. But USC already had their "oops" game: 28-10

6. Oklahoma St.

7. Georgia vs LSU - LSU's only decisive win was against North Texas in the first game of the year. But Georgia's is banged up and injured. I think the Dawgs come in hungry: 41-24.

8. Texas Tech vs Kansas - Dammit can we stop ranking these overrated teams into the top 10. When you play NO ONE you don't deserve to be up here, I'm looking at you Texas Tech. Not that Kansas is all that good, but this will be upset city. 35-30 Jayhawks

9. Ohio St.

10. Florida vs Kentucky - Kentucky has great D, Florida has Tebow, and a run game. 30-24 Florida barely pulls it out.

11. Utah - Again, another completely overrated team. Look at who they have played. Their toughest game was 2-5 Michgan and they won by 2 points. Ugh, get these guys outta here. Joaj, you are retarded if these guys are your BCS buster. See #12 for the real buster.

12. Boise State vs San Jose St. - Boise State is the only real team that should get into a BCS game. They beat Oregon and they have history of beating other BCS teams. They have a strong D giving up 7 or less to everyone but Oregon. 38-7

13. LSU

14. TCU vs Wyoming - TCU is fo real, or at least can beat overrated teams. Wyoming sucks balls. TCU wins big 42-0

15. Mizzou vs Colorado - 2 straight losses for the Tigers, and they still haven't found a defense. Colorado sucks real bad though. Tigers gets back on track 52-20.

I'm only doing the top 15 for now. I might put up the rest of it tomorrow night, but probably not.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Short economy post

If you think you understand the current crisis in the're a moron.

Here's a pretty good explanation from the smart guys at "This American Life". Listen to both of them and get smarter.

First episode

Second episode

ps - get ready for some awesome pics from my brother's wedding

pps - and my first post picking this weekend's college games

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Land of Ports

So for our 2 year anniversary we spent a weekend away in Portland, Maine. It was a lot of sightseeing, which is lame, but there was also a lot of beer drinking and lobster-roll eating, which is the opposite of lame. Here are the pics:

This is the place where we ate brunch, really great.

my first lobster roll, which we got at this rundown roadside diner (the best places to get food):

This is Bull Feeney's, an Irish pub, that Mrs. KTL had heard about. We got a beer.

I got a flight of beer with our lunch at some other place:

Here are some of the sightseeing places we went to:

a beach:

some more beach:

a beach full of rocks:

Mrs. KTL celebrating not dying getting to a beach full of rocks:

a lighthouse:

another lighthouse:

Sunday, September 28, 2008

momofuku ko - not too shabby

For the past 3 months, everyday at work I have reminder set for 9:58am on my calendar. Because at 10am I log on to Momofuku Ko's website and try to get a reservation at this most exclusive restaurant in the city. The reason it's so hard to get into is the reservation system. No one is given preference, not food critics, family, or friends. Everyone must vie for 32 spots, and they usually go about 2-3 seconds after 10am, so you can see the difficulty. Recently, they auctioned off 2 seats for dinner for a charity, they went for $2000. But after 3 months of trying...SUCCESS!!

We initially were hesitant to even go because of the price, but how often are we going to be able to eat at a 5 star restaurant (last time was our honeymoon).

There were 10 courses, and we also got the wine and sake pairing that goes with the meal (again might as well do it up right, since we don't eat super fancy food). So without further ado. Here's what we ate (and lets all be proud of Mrs. KTL for eating everything placed in front of her, even with her distaste in seafood and mushrooms)

(These are just some pics I've scavenged from the web (we're not lame enough to take pictures while we were there))

Pork rind with salty seasoning:
light and lightly seasoned with togarashi pepper. great starter.

English muffins soaked in pork fat:
Holy crap this was good. Homemade english muffins with whipped pork fat, then toasted and sea salt and chives

Pate with caviar:
This was a little blob of pate and caviar, bite-sized and good

Deep fried creamy(some kind of cheese maybe) something with quail egg on top:
This was the best of the appetizers. The cheese was coated with a light and crunchy shell, and a perfect over easy quail egg on top. This pic is close to what it looked like.

Mushroom and radish soup
Thinly sliced mushrooms and radishes, placed in a bowl and served, then a smokey broth poured over top. This was okay, I thought it was a little too smokey flavored because the mushrooms and radishes were very light.

Fluke sashimi with buttermilk and poppy seeds:

Poached chicken egg w/ caviar, tarty onions, and mini-potato chips:
My favorite dish of the night. (A little background) I watched this past season of Top Chef, and one of the judges always stressed the texture of food. I never agreed with him on this point, because I thought it should all be about how the food tastes, not how it feels. But after this entree, I totally understand. The silkiness of the poached egg, the way the caviar popped, and the crispness of the chips. Perfect.

Ravioli with a sweet corn and cochita cheese filling, chorizo , and pickled onions:
We got three raviolis, this was kinda out of sorts with the rest of the meal, but still amazingly delicious.

Shaved foie gras, lychee syrup, riesling jelly, and pinenut brittle:
Dammit this was good. The description says it all. You are less of a person for having heard about this and not have tasted it.

Roasted diver scallops - burnt onion, diced radish, pepperoncini puree:
Probably my least favorite dish. The scallops were great, but the radish and the puree was just too much.

Duck with cherries grapes, chinese string beans and water chestnuts:
They started cooking the duck when we arrived. I also realized that I do not use nearly enough salt when I cook meat, and according to CombatVet aka Culinary Ninja has backed up this assertion. Seared, baked, then rested. Perfect medium rare.

Pineapple sorbet on top of frozen apricot puree:
I love fruity deserts, so this was great. Simple and clean.

Yellow cake ice cream on top of peanut brittle served with small strawberries on a bed of some other kind of peanut butter stuff and a smear of raspberry sauce. Second best dish of the night.

The wine and sake pairings were well thought out. Except there was a beer thrown in there that didn't quite mesh well.

All-in-all, this was the best meal I've ever had. I'm glad we went, but I am not expecting to go back because it is price and effort prohibitive.

Monday, September 08, 2008

State College (that's Penn State for you fools)

Went to visit my bud, RBD and his girl, Cool Lady Friend, at Penn State a while ago. We went bowling, saw Dark Knight, and had an awesome time. Here are some pictures of us bowling. For some reason, RBD is better at real bowling than wii bowling. It's really amazing to watch.

Good times were had by all.

RBD needs a hug

Mrs. KTL running away. Once she found the 5 lb bowling ball her game improved exponentially.

KTL being awesome.....and fat

RBD and CLF giving us "Magnum"...try not to stare too long.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In the city with JoaJ

We had our great friend and fellow blogger JoaJ in town for a week. This will have been his 3rd time up here (almost a real New Yorker now) and he knew more about the cities' history than me or the Mrs.

I have forgotten everything we did, but it was a lot of stuff. Mrs. KTL kept him busy while I was at work. And once we met up the festivities began.

Here are some pics of us at Bastille Day celebration on July 14th.

And this interesting tidbit comes from our good friend, CV (aka. CombatVet aka. DanB aka Cap'n Dan): Fanta was created by the Nazis bc they couldn't get Coca-cola syrup from the US. This is also where we get Sprite (Clear Lemon Fanta).

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hey everyone. I just wanted to put this up cause it's one of the most awesome things ever (warning: no one knows how this venture makes money, but on their website they claim that they do not give out your number) here it is:

1-800-2 CHA CHA

It is a service that you call up and ask a question, any question, about anything. And after a short time, they will text you back an answer.

It costs you the time it takes you to ask your question and receive a text.

I used it probably 20 times over the weekend, and I have to say it is one of the coolest things evar. I heard that some MIT geeks used to do this back in the day, but now we have cha cha.

Example of questions asked to Cha Cha at our roof party:

What is the minimum distance that 747s coming into LaGuardia must maintain?

What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon?

Can you determine the distance from the Earth to the Moon without physics?

What are the 5 most populous cities in the world?


Enjoy everyone.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

foregone conclusion

After the 4X100 Free Relay and the 100 Fly, you knew there was no way the Americans would lose the 4X100 IM Relay.

Michael Phelps is good at swimming.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


If you thought the 4X100 m Relay was awesome, the 100m Fly was even better.

I might be a little in love with Phelps, but who wouldn't be?

Friday, August 15, 2008

DanB in town for the 4th of July weekend

DanB is in town right now and shenanigans will begin tonight. But here are some pics of his last trip to NYC.

DanB and Mrs. KTL looking cute together

I imagine this is what people look like right before they shootup a school or a Dairy Queen

4th of July picnic with DanB and my church

Some Ace Bar pics. We were all having a lovely time till Max Anger went insane...seriously.

Monday, August 11, 2008

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

This was THE most exciting swimming event I've ever witnessed.

The French were heavily favored, they publicly said they were going to "smash" the Americans. They held the lead the entire event, excecpt for the last .08 secs (which is faster than you can blink).

If you missed this, you are a poor bastard, a communist, and a freedom-hater.

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Also, Phelps dream of winning 8 Golds is well in hand. He has already gotten gold in the 2 events he was not favored.

(that guy should probably work out, he's all flab)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

here we go!

We had a summer get together on our roof. Those pictures are lame. The one good one was of me and Mrs. Preacher Man awesome-ing it up on Rockband!

Here is our new kitten, Flannery. He gave us a little scare by almost dying. He was running a fever of 104, which is like 101 in human years. But all is better now and his favorite thing is to snatch large chunks of our other cat's hair out.

Into the Wild - I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about this movie. It was either "I loved it" or "I hated it". I was in the love camp. Maybe its my inner desire to strike out and see the world, to leave all the conventions behind. Emile Hirsch was great and all the supporting cast was amazing. The score perfectly resounded the sentiment of the movie. 4/5

Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction - I had never seen these movies before, and I started watching them while DanB was here. The first one was entertaining, the second a little too much cheesy-ness for me, and the 3rd was pretty good. Mila was hot as always, and they kept to their stengths, blood, gore and fun violence. 3/5 for the series.

The Wackness - It was kind of a sweet and bitter coming of age in NYC in 1994. If you like 90's hiphop, drug dealers, high school relationships, and ben kingsley and mary-kate olsen sex, this is the movie for you....and me. 3.5/5

Encounters at the End of the World - Director, Herzog (Grizzly Man), forays into the Antartica, and we get to learn about the people who congregate at the end of the world. It's not just about the researchers, but the construction workers, and welders, etc. And really amazing cinematic view of the icy desert and the underwater life down at the South Pole. 3.5/5

Grace is Gone - A really powerful story about a man raising 2 kids when his Army wife dies. My old man crush, John Cusack, shines in this movie. Probably his best performance since High Fidelity. 4/5

Teeth - Vagina dentata. Silly and fun. The story was the most interesting part of the film. Nothing to write home about, though. 2/5

Reading the 3rd book of the Twilight series: Eclipse....Jacob is a douchebag.

so much to write about...

This will be more a placeholder and a reminder to myself, than an actual post. But first, here is what I've been watching and reading over the past few weeks:


Girls for Breakfast - Its by this Korean author that mrs. ktl met at some librarian conference. Seems like this guy and me live the same lives, we both don't speak a lick of Korean and have white-y wives. Except i'm a real Korean and have a natural affinity towards math and science, and he loves english. BUT he evens it up by being successful, so touche. The book is semi-autobiographical about his time in high school. not terrible, not great.

Twilight/Eclipse/New Moon - This is some vampire book that all the young adults seem to be raving about. It's kind of whiny and high schooly, but at least it's not like a novel-ized version of scooby-doo (I'm looking at you JK Rowling) Above average, and if you like seeming cool with the hottest trends, check it out. We all know you didn't start reading Harry Potter till the 3rd book came out.

I'm sure there are alot of movies that I am forgetting but here goes:
Batman - The Dark Knight 5/5 - If you haven't seen this yet, you're a poor bastard.

Hancock - 2.5/5 - I'll agree with my friend JoaJ, the first 2/3 of this movie was good, the last 1/3 sucked the big one.

The Incredible Hulk - 3.5/5 - Definitely better than Ang Lee's attempt, two pretty good fight scenes and very entertaining.

Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Tour - 3.5/5 - Some pretty good stand-up and other interesting bits

21 - 1.5/5 - Don't see it. Read the book.

Cassandra's Dream - 3/5 - It's got Colin Ferrell and Ewan McGregor, so it's pretty good. Just about 2 brothers getting in and out of trouble.

Batman: Gotham Knight - 3.5/5 - Kind of like the Animatrix. This was a series of 6 short animated films, directed by 6 different people. Each has it's own feel and view. Really great supplement to the Dark Knight.

I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - 2/5 - I liked this movie from a comedic stand point. It was Adam Sandler being himself, and Kevin James being himself. What partially put me off was how the gay angle was treated. I could definitely see how a gay person would be offended by this movie. The larger problem I had with this movie was Rob Schneider's asian character. Now, I'm all for funny stereotypes. And most of you readers know that I'm not one to be easily offended, especially when it comes to my own ethnicity (cause if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?) But Rob's character was a homage to the 60's "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Mickey Rooney character. I really don't understand the reason to do a throwback character that was so blatantly racist. Why not slap on blackface and prance around like in "Birth of a Nation"? I don't know, maybe I'm getting a little sensitive in my old age.

I also watched "The Departed" twice. Can't get enough of that movie.

Oh, so many things have happened that I need to write about:
-DanB came and visited.
-JoaJ came and visited.
-We got a new kitten, Flannery.
-We went to go see my buddy RBD in State College (Penn St), last weekend.
-There is a dodgeball event coming up.
-Touch football season ended, and college football is nearly upon us.
-I've been tasked with ranking my top 25 movies of the new millenium.

But all that and much more are in store for you in later posts. I will leave you with Max Anger's dodgeball email flyer (it is a re-hash of the very first one he ever made, and my favorite)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Funny Games (2007)

I had never heard of this movie, but in my ramblings across the internet, I happened upon a review of it, and I was intrigued. I saw it on Thursday, and I was blown away.

4.5/5 stars maybe even 5/5. It was that good.

The one I watched is a shot-for-shot remake of "Funny Games" (1997) and both were directed by Michael Haneke. It's basically about 2 guys (one is Michael Pitt) who terrorize a family (Tim Roth and Naomi Watts).

The pacing, directing, acting, story, plot, everything was incredible. It is a horror movie of sorts, like Se7en was as horror movie. And like Se7en, almost all of the violence occurs off screen, which makes lets our imagination take its course.

Please go rent/netflix this movie.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm not sure if you folks use Firefox add-ons or not. If not, check them out. If you do, you probably have stumbler. I ran across this today, while stumbling through the internet:

my other add-on include:
script-blocker - keeps pesky viruses off my computer
weather - i can always see the current and the next day weather on the lower right part of my screen
drag and drop attachments - instead of "browsing" and adding a file to an email, i can drag'n drop it in there
g-directions - you highlight an address and right click and it will automatically pull it up on googlemaps
g-dictionary - you highlight a word and right click and it will give you the definition

And if you use something that is coolio. Let me know about it, dammmit!


Mongol was disappointing to me. I think if I had grown up in China, watching alot of Ghengis Khan movies, then this one would have been awesome. The scope, cinemetography, and story were great, but it smelled alot like "The English Patient". I guess I was expecting alot more of his reign as Khan of all of Mongolia/Asia. I give it 3.5/5 stars.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

bits and pieces

I don't have a lot of time to post since I'm at work, but things are going well. I have some pictures to post up from comicon and other things.

One update is that I have a new job. Another is that I read alot of books nowadays, with my extended commute. So I will be updating you about what I'm currently reading, and also maybe what movies I have watched that I enjoy or not. Here we go:

Books I've Read Since Starting Work:
Cell - Stephen King
Dark Tower Graphic Novel - Marvel
Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America - Barbara Ehrenreich

Currently Reading:
Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq - Thomas E. Ricks

Some TV Shows That I Am Ashamed To Watch:
Top Chef: Chicago...go Antonia and Richard!
America's Best Dance Crew....JABBAWOCKEEZ!!!!
The Soup
Worlds Wildest Police Videos (I will admit that I only watch this show while others are on commericial)
Keeping up with the Kardashians

Movies Recently Watched:
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - Philip Seymore Hoffman is awesome
The Savages - Philip Seymore Hoffman is amazing, again
For the Bible Tells Me So - informative
Ironman - best superhero movie since the first Batman
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - ugh
Mongol - watching it excited, wish you were here JoaJ
One Missed Call - started, but couldn't finish, I only wanted to watch this bc rottentomatoes gave it zero freshness
Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Apatow and Segel, always funny
Gone Baby Gone - impressed with the Afflecks
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly - go see this movie
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale - I love me some Jason Statham, but do not ever see this movie

Hopefully, I'll get off my ass and post up some real material, but not likey.

Friday, May 30, 2008

something i ran across

A great mash up of "smooth criminal" by mj and "the band wagon" with fred estaire (the film which the video of smooth criminal draws its inspiration). he's no mj, but man than white boy can dance!

I love the slide at 2:58, and the dance with the girl in the red dress is amazing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

if I still had netflix, I would get this, no questions asked

awesome-ness....clicky here!

It's a box that streams movies to your computer/tv/whatever. It cost $100, a netflix subscription, and you get unlimited downloads. And netflix already has 10,000 movies ready (about 10% of their catalogue). Awesome.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my birfday

As I type this, I am dealing with consumption, better known as tb, or it might even be throat leuk. I'll let science decide.

I was putting off writing this entry bc it involves all my friends lying straight to my face. Soooo here it goes:

My birfday is jan 12th. About 4 months prior to this mrs. ktl said that she had to attend a librarian conference in Philly, and she said "sorry, ktl, but you have to go with me."

"On my birthday weekend?! Dammit, mrs. ktl!"
Of course, I conceded cause that's what keeps a marriage healthy. I was dreading the weekend because, come on, sound it out in your Can it get any lamer?

But as a consolation prize, max anger and danb, said they would meet me in philly to celebrate, so my birthday wouldn't be totally ruined. Did I mention this was going to be my 30th?

Anyway, for the 4 months leading up to the conference. I kept telling people that I would be out of town for my 30th bday, and that we would have to celebrate the following weekend. It seemed like everyone was concerned that I was going to miss my birthday. But I was psyched cause max, DanB, and I were going to tear up the city of brotherly love.

DanB was flying into Philly, so I printed up the directions to the airport and got all his flight info. Mrs. ktl gave me the address to the hotel we were staying at, which she assured me was close to the conference.

So the weekend finally arrives, and I am all packed up and mrs. ktl is dragging ass packing her shit usual. To put more of an urgency to our departure, I was going to pick up max and finally meet his mysterious girlfriend, strippersaurus, before we headed off to Philly. After what seemed like an hour of packing toiletries, mrs. ktl was finally ready, and we drove off to max's to pick him up and begin our journey to Philly.

We arrived at his place, and I was eager to get inside to see strippersaurus. At the door to his building, he met someone that he knew, and I kind of held up because I didn't want to bust in on strippersaurus by myself. But Max yelled, "GO INSIDE!!!", so without any more encouragement I went a surprise party beyond proportions!!!

Everyone was there. It was amazing.

I went around hugging everyone and shaking hands. I was overcome with astonishment. There were so many people there, from all the different worlds of my life and they all collided and formed a magical kingdom birthday.

The only problem (I thought) was that I had to be in Philly the next day to pick up DanB, and I couldn't stay here long cause we had to go to mrs. ktl's conference. But as I got around to the last people in the room. There was DanB.

I was confused....if he was here, then who was I picking up in Philly? What about the conference? Don't we have to leave soon?

Then my very slow brain caught up to what happened. It. Was. All. LIES.

The whole fucking thing was a lie. And then it dawned on me, the sheer magnitude of the lie. All these people knew I wasn't going to Philly. I had talked to everyone about this. For months these people knew. I had lunch everyday with someone that was coming to the party. I slept in the same bed with the biggest liar of them all. The people I am closest to in my life are incredible liars.


Anyways, the night degraded into a slobbery drink-fest for me. I picked a fight with the host (and won), had a pretzel shoved into my ear, and got to party like I was in college. It was awesome.

So I'd like to thanks all those involved in one of the biggest lies of my life, and one of the best birfdays ever. And an extra thank you and love you to my wife, mrs. ktl. the bestest wife ever-est!

Here are some pics of the night. Enjoy, I know I did!

A pic of some liars:

i like that the robinson's have the same expression, and that mr. robinson, is giving me the bird:

the best drinking game...ever. DING!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Danb's Freedom party

capn dan finally came home to us and is not owned by the military anymore. he is a combat veteran, which gives him a free pass to do/say most anything he wants. his mother and slf threw him a freedom party in hot-lanta during the christmas season, and fun was had by all. here are some pics of the event...enjoy:

this is a pre-party pic

this is near the end of the party. everyone is wearing t-shirts that were made special with a quote and danb's picture on the back. fyi - i don't know how that hipster made it into the pic.....douchebag

that's slf, tucker, danb, mrs. ktl, ktl, and ktl's spare chin

Monday, March 31, 2008

you white people are funny!

I don't normally advertise about other blogs here, but I just read through one that is entirely too hilarious not to mention.


I actually lol-ed when I read through all the archives of this blog. No matter your race, color, creed, religion, and sexual preference, you will find the satirical insight into lefty white culture informative, funny, and a little too close to home. If any of the post apply to you, laugh about it, think to yourself "that's so true", and then move on. Because if you can't laugh at yourself, then you need to get a fucking life.

ps- About 10% of the posts applied to me and about 25% of them to mrs. ktl. I made fun of her and her people till she cried.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

quick update: eddie izzard in yo face!

If you have never heard Eddie Izzard, he is a british transvestite stand-up comedian. One of the funniest and smartest comics out there. But recently, he's been trying his hand at acting (the riches, ocean's 12 and 13, etc..), so he's been off the circuit for about 6 years. well, now he's back and doing shows here in nyc. and i got some tickets! orchestra level, middle section, middle of the row. i'm super psyched!

this almost didn't happen bc i heard about it 3rd hand, and he had already started his run of gigs. AND someone, who i thought was a friend(cb), (and who knew i was a GIANT izzard fan) held out on the knowledge for a week that eddie was performing, before he told me. luckily for him, i got some sweet tickets, but now i know where i stand in our friendship. i've heard that revenge is a dish best served cold, and i'll have my revenge. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of my life.

but for now, ill be content with some eddie izzard on march 5th!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

chocolate dong!

So here's part of what I did over my Christmas vacation:

The White Dianna Party was a complete success.

But KTL what is a White Dianna Party?

Well, its like a white elephant gift exchange, where gifts are opened one-at-a-time, and subsequently stolen. Our festive take on the event was Max Anger and my idea. But don't take my word for it, here was the invite Max sent out:

Velkomen! You are invited to the 2nd annual White Dianna Christmas Party!

One year ago, succubus ex-girlfriend Dianna requested I host a Christmas/her birthday party at my house, with a White Elephant theme. All sounded like fun, until the Succubus demanded that only her friends could attend! The demands went ignored, and in spectacular fashion, the right people (you!) were invited instead and the party was saved from the maladjusted social mongoloids that were her friends. So, we're doing it again, but this time, there will be no Dianna, only her evil spirit haunting our party like any appropriate Christmas ghost would.

A White Dianna Party is a White Elephant party meaning you need to bring a cheap, wrapped gift, and then we put the gifts in the center of the room. We draw straws to see what order the mystery gifts are chosen, and a gift can either be chosen from the pot or you can take someone else's opened gift whenever it strikes your fancy! But each gift can only be traded twice, and thus the question becomes, "Will you end up with awesome foam swords like I did last year, or with the pointless decorated box that David won last year but was left at my place in disgust?" Come and find out!

and here was the email flyer Max made to accompany the party:

So the presents I like to bring to these kinds of Christmas parties, are ones that get a big laugh but no one would want to trade for them. So that the person who chose my gift is stuck with it for the entire game. Last year I made 2 foam swords (a long sword and a short sword, so that you could floretine), and this year I purchased a 6.5" black dildo. Yes, I'd say my gift was awesome to quite awesome. And I thought that I had succeeded in buying that perfect "big laugh-no trade" gift, because it was picked right off the bat and lasted till near the end of the night, when all of a sudden it got traded 3 times real quickly. I think everyone secretly wanted it, but were too afraid to steal. Anyway, "chocolate dong" was the phrase of the night and for the next few days.

Other gifts that were popular:
a pair padded nunchucks
modded nerf gun
optimus prime mr. potato head

stay tuned for more stories and pics....including Danb's freedom party and my surprise bday party.

Friday, January 18, 2008

2 posts in a week?! ktl have you gone mad!?

indeed, i have. i have just been seeing alot of movies lately, and it's exciting. so we trekked out again and saw the midnight show of cloverfield. while the movie was entertaining to a point, it was still disappointing. i was really expecting more from jj abrams. there were great spots of humor, some very good action sequences and some very bad ones, the plot simple, and the suspense was spotty and cheap. something that i really didn't like about the movie is that half the movie was shot at a 45 degree tilt. now, i know jj was probably going for a more realistic look, but we KNOW its a handheld! you don't have to beat us over the head with it for an hour and a half. at least hold the camera straight up and jostle it around.

anyway, it was entertaining, and it was probably my own fault for hyping it up too much in my mind. so i give it 2.5/5 stars. i won't ever own this movie, but if it's ever on tv, i might not change the channel if i'm eating dinner.

on a more fun note. i am hosting another dodgeball event this weekend. hopefully mrs. ktl will get some good action shots of me hitting max anger, danb, activated charcoal, and a bunch of other folks right in the eye.

ps- name all the states that border the great lakes.

pps- i am a terrible drummer on rock band