Thursday, January 29, 2009

Going to "The Mall"

So many questions pop up when looking at this picture.

How lame are those guys?
Are they wearing skirts?
Is that Max Anger on the left?
Or is that Father Nick?
How much damage do those long swords do?
Are they magic? Damage the undead? Cast spells?
...I gotta go

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adult Things

Not a long post but one that I've been thinking about.

I just turned 31, and I still don't really think of myself as an adult. I don't feel like an adult, act like one, or have the heart of one. So I've been thinking about what I consider "adult" things. And I came up with these two things that were totally relegated to the sphere of adulthood.

1. Checking into a hotel. We would pull up to our vacation hotel and usually my mom would run into the hotel, while the family stayed in the car. She magically returned with keys. What happens in there? Who did she talk to? What sort of things do you have to tell the hotel people so that they gave you a room and room keys? It was all a great mystery and to this day it still makes me feel like a grown-up to check one.

2. The other thing that makes me feel like a grown up...putting on golf shoes. When I was little I would go out golfing with my father and his friends on a fairly regular basis. We would pull into the parking lot and the routine would begin. Shaking hands with all his buddies, opening the various trunks, and "the putting on of golf shoes". Now since I was still a growing boy, I never had golf shoes because as my mother put it "I would grow out of any pair that they bought me." So I would sit and watch all the men slip off their tennis shoes and put on the "magic golf shoes of adulthood". And I knew that one day..waaay in the future, I too, would get to put on golf shoes sitting on the lip of the trunk.

This ends the trip into my psyche. I hope you enjoyed it.