Tuesday, November 30, 2010

more 4loko pics

these were from last weekend's 4loko extravaganza. there was a more epic one this past weekend, and those pics will be up soon. but to tide you over here are the shenanigans from 2 weeks ago.

also, cvd and i have invented a new phrase/word: 4loko-ed

explaination: since drinking 4loko, we have discovered the drink severely damages neurological pathways for basic mental functioning. when such a pathway is discovered in coversation, you just got "4loko-ed".

cvd - "hey ktl, what's your middle name"
ktl - "......."
cvd - "4loko-ed"


ktl - "hey, cvd, when's your birthday"
cvd - "ummmmmm....."
ktl - "you just got 4loko-ed"

and now the pics...enjoy

action jackson bashing a 4loko can into the backyard

action jackson SMASH!

im pretty sure i hit this one over those mountains

cvd hitting a can into my skull

"4loko dance" accompanied by "4loko face"

the rest of the evening was a blur of fruity malt beverages and blurry things
this is what awaited me the morning after...awesome

Thursday, November 25, 2010

a taste of what happened on 4loko friday

the evolution of me on 4loko

also, a great pic of action jackson with her first taste of 4loko.

many more pics and posts to come (couple roommate dinners, and other shenanigans), but i have to get outta town for thanksgiving!

everyone have a safe and thankful thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


finally got around to dropboxing all my trivia, so i can access them from work.
so i present to you the second installment of TV THEME SONG TRIVIA!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ky love

went up to kentucky this past weekend to visit with the wiler's family.
wonderful people, and had a wonderful time.
of course the only thing i took a picture of was some food, cause i'm fat and that's what i do.
so enjoy...

skyline - this is the base for my award winning korean chili. i could definitely taste mine in there. but i dont put 3lbs of shredded cheese one it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

if you haven't seen this...

staged in philly at the macy's, which has the largest pipe organ in the world. The opera company of philadelphia sings "hallelujah!" in a "random act of culture".

it's like improv everywhere, but cooler and smarter.

tuesday night family dinner...

...at outback!

outback holds a special place in my heart. growing up, me and my 3 best friends (cvd, big d, and picker) would go, eat a steak, drink loads of coca-cola, go back to someone's house, and hang out (thin-trail-of-smoke-style), drinking even more coke and eating tositos.

this would also happen in college, with slightly different best friends, but still an awesome time.

for me, it was always a bloomin onion, ceasar salad, outback special (medium rare), loaded backed potato with everything on the side, and a coca-cola to drink. and it was wonderful. and we had a lot of good times.

so since i was coming back into town from the aforementioned hershey, pa trip, we decided to go to outback for family dinner. it had been YEARS since our last visit.

needless to say, our experience was less than awesome. food came out ill-prepared, and seating was questionable (though admittedly, my own fault), and decor was all fancy and boughie (gimme back my boomerang and kangaroo x-ing sign).

i did capture the shining star of the meal, though. enjoy...

mmmmm, bloomy...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

amazing....one letter win

saw this live. really incredible. enjoy...

if you hate heights, don't watch this.


milton hershey school and wes moore

the conference i attened this past weekend was held at the milton hershey school. founded by the candy man himself, its a k-12 school dedicated to takin in underpriviledged youths, mostly from single parent households.

its funded by the hershey comp. and it is ridiculously nice.
built more like a small expensive private college, it sits on 12,000 acres of land and has incredible facilities. take a look...

main rotunda

rotunda from the outside

pic of some of the land the school sits on

wes moore, final speaker of the conference. really interesting story

here's his book

and i want to say thank you again to jutt and fiance jutt for entertaining me the entire time i was there. if they hadn't, i would have literally stabbed my eyes out and burned myself alive to escape the boredom.

the best hosts evar.

Monday, November 08, 2010

love on the hershey highway

i'm here in PA for a youth conference. it's ridiculously boring up here, esp since i have no car. thankfully, jutt and fiance jutt were kind enough to entertain me.

picked me up from the airport, went and saw the georgia game at a sports bar, party later that night, and lunch the next day. they are amazing hosts. and it was really great seeing them again and catching up.

here we are at red robin, eatin it up!

and while they are leaving at the end of the week for dc, i'm still trying to convince them that their real home is down in atlanta. also i think it helped that i screamed "go home! are you too good for your home!?" the whole time.

Friday, November 05, 2010

tuesday night dinner...i'm up

my first attempt to recreate the award winning korean chili.

here's what went wrong:
too spicy
not creamy enough
too many cloves
too ketchup-y
chopped up up the bulgogi too much

things i did right:
remembered all the ingredients
cooked the galbi per.fect.ly.

turned out okay. not terrible, not great.
but at least i know how to fix it.
and next time, i can get it awesome.

here are the pics, enjoy.

chili that's been cooking for 6 hours...mmmmmm

my perfectly marinated and grilled galbi

korean chili:
texas-style (no beans)
2 different kinds of korean bbq
bulgogi - marinated 24 hours, seared and cooked for 6 hours
galbi - marinated 24 horus, seared and dumped in at the end
rice, topped with chili, kimchi, seaweed, and green onion