Friday, November 05, 2010

tuesday night dinner...i'm up

my first attempt to recreate the award winning korean chili.

here's what went wrong:
too spicy
not creamy enough
too many cloves
too ketchup-y
chopped up up the bulgogi too much

things i did right:
remembered all the ingredients
cooked the galbi

turned out okay. not terrible, not great.
but at least i know how to fix it.
and next time, i can get it awesome.

here are the pics, enjoy.

chili that's been cooking for 6 hours...mmmmmm

my perfectly marinated and grilled galbi

korean chili:
texas-style (no beans)
2 different kinds of korean bbq
bulgogi - marinated 24 hours, seared and cooked for 6 hours
galbi - marinated 24 horus, seared and dumped in at the end
rice, topped with chili, kimchi, seaweed, and green onion

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