Thursday, November 15, 2007

aint no party like a scranton party cause a scranton party dont stop!

so me mrs. ktl, cb and dr. dre took a day trip to the office convention in scranton, pa. it was all i could have hoped for and more. i laughed, i cried, it was better than cats. here are the photos of the trip...we met up with cb's sis up there, who is also a fan of the show. and yes we are all giant nerds.

darryl from the warehouse singing creep by radiohead

mrs. ktl pretending to be kelly

meredith from the show, with a police escort.

farley's restaurant, mentioned on the show, we also had some beers at poor richard's pub, which oddly enough is attached to a bowling alley.

q&a session with most of the cast members

the crew that went to scranton, this is in the gym where the office olympics were held.

creed playing with the scrantones (the guys who do the intro the the show)

the only cast members not present were jenna fischer (my one tru love, sorry mrs. ktl), steve carell, john krazinsky, rainn wilson, and paul leiberstein. i also go to shake hands with craig robinson(darryl) and oscar nunez.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

so much to catch up on

there's so much to talk about since we last talked. the office convention in scranton, pa, my brother getting engaged, etc...

i'm waiting to post up some pictures before i delve into such subjects, but i will leave you with this youtube video of me and my brother fighting, when we were younger. near the end my mom tries to break up the fight...silly. anyway, im the one with the lab coat (my mom always sided with my bro when we were fighting).