Friday, June 15, 2007

some cute stuff

so i'm going to go away from the trivia for a little while, and focus more on my daily life. i know that i have promised a wedding post and a post-wedding post shenanigans, but these things will have to wait. for now, just know that i survived my wedding and almost a full year afterwards. and from the angry comments i get every now and then, i think people want me to post. so here goes...

i think of myself as kinda manly. i like beer and football, sometimes fighting seems intriguing, but every now and then i stumble across something that makes me all melty inside. Most of the time it’s mrs. ktl or my cat. but in my travels across the intraweb, i have found these two things so gut-wrenchingly cute that i have to take notice(notice my manly adjective). and here they are:

if you are not moved by these things, i salute you as “a cold hearted snake” and someday a song will be written about you.