Wednesday, September 26, 2007

some more pics...last one is not safe for work

ariel, pocahontas, cinderella, jasmine, aurora (sleeping beauty), belle, and mulan. and the song trivia..gary was correct "the karate kid"

now here are some pictures ive been meaning to put up.

this is a shot of ground zero from my building...i work at the world financial center.

another shot from my building, this is actually from the floor where chocolate bear works.

here's ktl, max anger, and tpb being awesome at a farewell party (notice my stylin' purse)

tpb and mrs. tpb. i think maybe she lost a tooth and it's at the tip of his tongue and they're gonna put it back in.

the ktl's and the lovely couple that was leaving for cali.

the ktls and gare-bear, my marine-bio teacher from college. we are in connecticut hanging out with him and his family.

shots from the mermaid day parade....last photo is not safe for work.

and no trivia this time. i'm trying to come up with 30 complete trivias, so i can host at a local bar. wish me luck!

Monday, September 17, 2007

History repeats itself, try and you'll succeed. Never doubt that you're the one and you can have your dreams!

1. NYC, Chicago, LA, Houston, Philly
2. Laura Ingalls Wilder - very nice atl-kt
3. marshall bruce mathers III - action, good call on the "III"
4. standard and poor

and action wins the song title trivia as well.

this is going to be a short post. just wanted t update folks on what the haps is in my life. me and mrs.ktl visited dc this weekend and stayed with picker and mrs. picker., and we thank them for an awesome weekend. we had a great time watching the dawgs, eating brunch, hanging out, and some other debauchery. though, i was reminded of the fact that my wedding present to them consisted of a fun sweater for picker and nothing for mrs. picker. what i had intended was that i was going to give picker the sweater and then get something off their registry. which, of course, i never did. yes...i am, in fact, a fucking asshole. so i have to make it up to mrs. picker some how. i also had a chance to visit with my brother and his partner. they live in a nice place only a few blocks from picker. 2 cute dogs and ill post up some pictures of them soon. hopefully they'll be able to make it up here sometime in the near future.

anyway, here's the story of our 1st wedding anniversary. we decided to take a weekend jaunt to ithica, ny. full of wineries, a gorge, and a small college town, and only a few hours drive. but there was a nascar race in town, so all the rooms were totally booked...except for the honeymoon sweet at a very fancy hotel. when we arrive, it is nighttime and the place looks fancy and pretty. its a little two story number set a little ways back from the road, with forest all around and a quaint feel. we check in and come to find out that our room is total separate from the rest of the hotel. it is in fact a small tower. so we drag our bags up there and and you can't imagine our wondrous surprise when we opened the door.

okay everyone, read on and image this......a perfectly round room with a round bed in the center. at the head of the bed is where the jacuzzi bath resides. and what's this? our magical castle has a mirrored ceiling?! and whats that dangling from the mirrored ceiling.....a disco ball! this honeymoon suite truly does have it all! i know you all are jealous, and here are some fanciful pictures:

we saw the gorge, which is what ithica is kinda known for. we went to several wineries, and i even got carded and almost not served beer because my license looked suspicious.

well, here are some of the other pictures from our trip:

and here's the trivia:

name all the disney princesses, according to the official disney website.
and don't forget the song trivia.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind

well the song title trivia is back.

so many small things to update yall about.

first i have to amend my top 5. jenna fischer divorced her husband/director james gunn on account of me not putting her in my top 5. me and heather had a summer fling, short, fun, but ended messy. but i have to go back to my true love jenna. honestly, i didnt put her in my top 5 because i really think i'm in love with her, just no kissing on the mouth.

so lets give a great big ktl welcome to jenna fischer/pam beesly:

some more of "why i love nyc"

tuesday night dinners:
with tadpolebear, mrs. tpb, mrs. ktl, and max anger. its like a weekly family time. we catch up with each other, talk about books, blogs, music...well mostly tpb and mrs. ktl talk about that stuff. i just make obscene hand gestures the whole time. recently, though, we've been entertained by max anger's dating adventures.

rooftop parties:
well mainly my own roof and max anger's roof. they are great gathering places and fun spots to hang out, tho mrs. ktl won't let me bbq on our roof.

bar reis:
i've never been a regular at any establishment. so as soon as we arrived in nyc, i set out to become a regular at a local spot. it had to be cool and low key, but still kinda hip. and i found my reis. it took a little while, but soon all the bartenders knew my name, and i even got in a fantasy football league with the owner. cool huh? well, for me anyway.

some of the other fun things i've been doing.....for the last tuesday night dinner we ate at "sea". most famously known as the restaurant that zach braff works at the beginning of garden state. and mrs. ktl tells me it is also a restaurant in "sex and the city" called that had only raw food. the place where samantha and smith met. anwyay, it looked too cool for school, but surprisingly cheap eats and good eats. on the downside it had really stupid bathrooms. all the bathrooms in the place were these large round tubes, and in front of all the stall/urinals there was as cctv monitor, so you could look out onto the restaurant.

i watch ALOT of football now. i've been waiting for this time for soo long. i can't believe it's here. thursday and friday college football. i get to watch the dawgs every saturday, the falcons and the jets every sunday. and then monday night football. it's like heaven. and i have a very understanding wife who loves me and also understands this time of year. of course it helps that she is into college football and some into pro.

also, just watched "air guitar nation". a highly recommended documentary about the air guitar international championships.

and something you've all been waiting for:

1. according to a 2004 census, what were the 5 most populated cities in the US?
2. who wrote "little house on the prairie"?
3. what is eminem's real name?
4. S&P 500, what does the "s" and "p" stand for?

Saturday, September 01, 2007