Wednesday, September 26, 2007

some more pics...last one is not safe for work

ariel, pocahontas, cinderella, jasmine, aurora (sleeping beauty), belle, and mulan. and the song trivia..gary was correct "the karate kid"

now here are some pictures ive been meaning to put up.

this is a shot of ground zero from my building...i work at the world financial center.

another shot from my building, this is actually from the floor where chocolate bear works.

here's ktl, max anger, and tpb being awesome at a farewell party (notice my stylin' purse)

tpb and mrs. tpb. i think maybe she lost a tooth and it's at the tip of his tongue and they're gonna put it back in.

the ktl's and the lovely couple that was leaving for cali.

the ktls and gare-bear, my marine-bio teacher from college. we are in connecticut hanging out with him and his family.

shots from the mermaid day parade....last photo is not safe for work.

and no trivia this time. i'm trying to come up with 30 complete trivias, so i can host at a local bar. wish me luck!

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