Friday, October 19, 2007


so capn dan is finally out of the army. 7 years ago, i saw him at his commissioning, when they took him from me. he's been in too long. i thought we'd never see the other side, alot has happened in 7 years. we have color tv's, we landed on the moon, brad pitt and angelina jolie had a baby. I am so happy that the army and the government no longer owns my friend. i prayed for him constantly and now the day of celebration is upon us!

so tonight lets all cheers/kompai and tip one back for capn and say a prayer for all the other boys and girls still over there, that they get home safe to the ones they love.

here's to dan b. thank you for protecting us and our freedoms. i love you and welcome, all is right with the world!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

when god gives you lemons, you FIND A NEW GOD!!!

max anger showed me these wonderful videos, personally i like the second one better, but both are amazing.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

forgot something

at the atlantic antic we saw keri russell...and she looked surprisingly like this picture. shes much thinner in real life, and smaller. but still smokin.

she had her baby with that blue carrying thingy, and her douchey husband was there. cb went all tourist on us and snapped a pic with his phone. what a embarrassment. that is all.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

last 2 weeks

this is a picture catalogue of my past 2 weeks.
so last friday, i was allowed to go on a team-building excersize....which was a booze cruise. 93 foot yacht. wonderful hor's dourves (crabcakes) and an even better lunch. and i think that the best part of it all, besides the open bar and black label, was the fact that it was from 1pm to 430pm. right in the middle of the work day. so basically i got paid to eat delicious food, drink booze, play craps and blackjack, all on a cruise around manhattan during a perfect cloudless day. why can't every work day be like this?

my yacht

the south tip of manhattan

of the 3 main buildings in the picture, i work in the one on the left. the new freedom tower should rise smack dab in the middle of those buildings.

who dat is? dats jus mah baby's daddy!! this is from the red hook ball fields and thats another man's baby im holding.

the atlantic antic, the largest street fair in nyc. its alot of fun to be had at these things. tons of great cheap food (vietnamese subs, collards greens, beer, fish cakes, gumbo) and some fun things to buy (6 point beer hat). and the company was awesome. from left to right: krishy, the weiler, slutty "the anthropomorphized recycling bin", and mrs. ktl

a giant mass of humanity

the weiler, cb, dr. dre, and krishy

and this was the day before. we went apple picking in nj with my church. a giant field of different kinds of apples, i believe the stayman weinsapps to be the best of the bunch. and then a little town with gift shops, more delicious food, animals to feed, and pumpkins to buy. the great part about the apple fields was that you could eat as many apples as you wanted and only had to pay for what you took home. i consumed my own weight in apples.

the ktl's looking good

mrs. ktl violating an apple tree

max anger eating the forbidden fruit