Friday, October 19, 2007


so capn dan is finally out of the army. 7 years ago, i saw him at his commissioning, when they took him from me. he's been in too long. i thought we'd never see the other side, alot has happened in 7 years. we have color tv's, we landed on the moon, brad pitt and angelina jolie had a baby. I am so happy that the army and the government no longer owns my friend. i prayed for him constantly and now the day of celebration is upon us!

so tonight lets all cheers/kompai and tip one back for capn and say a prayer for all the other boys and girls still over there, that they get home safe to the ones they love.

here's to dan b. thank you for protecting us and our freedoms. i love you and welcome, all is right with the world!

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6th St Barista said...

Here we go again, you blogging a few days and then falling off the face of the earth......