Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"no matter what i say it draws controversy, it's sorta like the abortion issue."

that's just a little taste of this wonderful documentary, the king of kong: a fist full of quarters. it is a story of good vs. evil. david vs. goliath. ktl vs. hipsters. a story about the world record holder of donkey kong and a challenger. it's campy and cheesy and too awesome for words. I had to remind myself several times during the movie that these were not actors, that someone really said "i have 'no surrender' on my cell phone". he is a real life dwight k shrute.

i've also started watching "how i meet your mother" and alyson hannigan has made it into my top 5. and if you're wondering who is in my top 5:

1. jennifer connelly

2. jennifer love hewitt

3. patricia heaton

4. alyson hannigan

5. heather graham

heather graham is also a late addition, but she holds 5th place fending off the likes of selma hayek, alessandra ambrossio, linda cardellini, and jenna fischer.

and my man crush goes to: topher grace
he took the coveted spot from john cusack, who held the title since its inception in 1985. but the dark horse candidate is zach braff, whose comic stylings in scrubs and the loveable hero in garden state, propelled him up the list.

and i have bought a lotto ticket for the 325 million jackpot. and im sorry for everyone who has already purchased one, i've already picked out the winner.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

more random nyc pics.....enjoy

this is me and the snapple lady. she was at a bbq festival in manhattan, which has the best bbq in the city.

this is chocolate bear and mrs. ktl at coney island. we rode the cyclone, saw the mermaid day parade, and some other chicanery

this is mrs. ktl's 25th birthday. lots of people lots o fun, we even got the elusive tl wizard to come out.

max anger and ktl about to put a beat down on someone at dodgeball. this is by far my most favorite event in nyc.

mrs. ktl, perioded, and activated charocoal at one of max anger and tl wizard's rooftop bbq parties.

tadpolebear, mrs. tpb, and mrs. ktl visiting the famous dyker heights christmas lights.

this is mrs. ktl's two favorite people in nyc (mr. ktl and dr. dre)

Friday, August 24, 2007

some pics i've been meaning to put up here

so i lied to you. i couldn't find the pics yesterday, but here they are today. and ill put some more up tomorrow. have fun looking and judging silently.

these are pictures from our honeymoon to st. thomas

**update** i don't know why but the orginal pictures were deleted, so i think these were the same ones.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

WHAT?! two posts in two days?!

yes people. i have begun to post more, so check back here if you want to know about mah life.

i'm at work right now at a new job. i was at an investment firm and now i'm at a credit card company. i left bc i didnt want them and they didn't want me (or so they thought) a couple of days later, they said "plz ktl, we need your asian skillz"....but i said "HELLLZ NO!" and drove away in my souped up civic with my banana republic clothes ruffling in the wind. the one thing i do miss about my old job are my co-workers. i sat next to arsenal "suction" astoria, and in front of activated charcoal and bronx-ess "ace of cakes" cormier. man, we had some good times. we laughed; we cried; it was better than cats. i can now say they are my favorite co-workers of all time, and i will openly weep for having to leave.

but now, i get to have lunch with another friend of mine. we will call him chocolate bear. because he is the turk to my jd. and if you don't watch scrubs, ya ought to. but unfortunately, we work on different floors. We do eat lunch together everyday and that is slightly homosexual of us, but i'm slightly into doods. another reason i eat lunch with him is because i don't really talk to anyone on my own floor. they're nice people just a little too old for me to talk with. i don't think they would take my obscenely racist humor too well. also, something awesome me and cb did today.....we played wii tennis at work. our company set up a little thing in the lobby for the employees to promote the us open. we got a free company bag, with binoculars and a lil wii tennis, which we tied at....i might enjoy this place after all.

and i know i'm gonna blow some minds, but when i get home i'm gonna post up some random pics that i've been meaning to get up here. so that will be two post in the same day....i know most of you just peed your pants, and the rest of you will eventually do it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the hipster touch and other rants

why do you hate hipsters so much ktl?

well, to be honest, actual hipsters i don't hate. they make fun new music, cutting edge art, writing, and other creative outlets that brighten up the city. who i really hate are those who pretend to be hipsters. they dress up in $30 "vintage" t-shirts, faux-hawks, bring the "too cool for school" attitude, and a sense of entitlement. they ride $1500 fixed gear bikes because its the cool thing to do, bringing shame to all those riders who have actually owned fixed-geared bikes before 2000. and they follow all the real artist wherever they go. pushing up rent and making life unbearable for everyone in the neighborhood, and eventually forcing out all the real hipsters.

but mainly i hate them because whatever these pseudo-hipsters touch turns to shit. the anti-midas. some examples include the lower east side, williamsburg, and now they have touched something which i love dearly, the red hook ball fields. the health dept of ny will soon be shutting my favorite sat/sunday activity and my source for the best mexican food in nyc. no attention was paid to this place until "they" arrived, they found something cool and ruined it. good job, douchebag.

along the lines of hipsters, i'd like to point out a few other groups of people that i kinda find douchey.

so on the subway, there are only so many seats to go around, and everyone else has to stand up for their daily back-and-forth commute. there are people who ALWAYS take these prime seats, totally disregarding the pregnant people, the elderly, and gimpy. and here is the list of the worst offenders:

the hipsters, of course
asian people all ages and gender
middle aged black females

but i'd like to give a shout-out to those who in general, who either give up their seat or usually don't sit:

young and middle aged white males
black men all ages

well, thats all i can rant about today. check back cause i think i might try posting some trivia. for now i'll leave you with these two:

1. what are the names of the 3 main consumer credit reporting agencies.

and along the same lines:

2. what does FICO stand for?