Wednesday, August 22, 2007

the hipster touch and other rants

why do you hate hipsters so much ktl?

well, to be honest, actual hipsters i don't hate. they make fun new music, cutting edge art, writing, and other creative outlets that brighten up the city. who i really hate are those who pretend to be hipsters. they dress up in $30 "vintage" t-shirts, faux-hawks, bring the "too cool for school" attitude, and a sense of entitlement. they ride $1500 fixed gear bikes because its the cool thing to do, bringing shame to all those riders who have actually owned fixed-geared bikes before 2000. and they follow all the real artist wherever they go. pushing up rent and making life unbearable for everyone in the neighborhood, and eventually forcing out all the real hipsters.

but mainly i hate them because whatever these pseudo-hipsters touch turns to shit. the anti-midas. some examples include the lower east side, williamsburg, and now they have touched something which i love dearly, the red hook ball fields. the health dept of ny will soon be shutting my favorite sat/sunday activity and my source for the best mexican food in nyc. no attention was paid to this place until "they" arrived, they found something cool and ruined it. good job, douchebag.

along the lines of hipsters, i'd like to point out a few other groups of people that i kinda find douchey.

so on the subway, there are only so many seats to go around, and everyone else has to stand up for their daily back-and-forth commute. there are people who ALWAYS take these prime seats, totally disregarding the pregnant people, the elderly, and gimpy. and here is the list of the worst offenders:

the hipsters, of course
asian people all ages and gender
middle aged black females

but i'd like to give a shout-out to those who in general, who either give up their seat or usually don't sit:

young and middle aged white males
black men all ages

well, thats all i can rant about today. check back cause i think i might try posting some trivia. for now i'll leave you with these two:

1. what are the names of the 3 main consumer credit reporting agencies.

and along the same lines:

2. what does FICO stand for?


The Cap'n said...

You are such a hipster. You didn't even start riding a fixie until 2001. God I hate people who live in SSSEE Billyburg.

1. Transunion, Experian, & Equifax

2. Fundamentalist Islamo-Christian Orthodoxy (the church that the Bushs and the bin Ladens go to).

klydelanta said...

the first one is correct, but the second one is close. that is one of the acronyms, but not the one im looking for.

Anonymous said...

Being one of the afore mentioned gimpies, I'd like to give a shout out to elderly black women. Consistently the only demographic to give up their seats for a one legged bandit like myself.