Sunday, August 26, 2007

more random nyc pics.....enjoy

this is me and the snapple lady. she was at a bbq festival in manhattan, which has the best bbq in the city.

this is chocolate bear and mrs. ktl at coney island. we rode the cyclone, saw the mermaid day parade, and some other chicanery

this is mrs. ktl's 25th birthday. lots of people lots o fun, we even got the elusive tl wizard to come out.

max anger and ktl about to put a beat down on someone at dodgeball. this is by far my most favorite event in nyc.

mrs. ktl, perioded, and activated charocoal at one of max anger and tl wizard's rooftop bbq parties.

tadpolebear, mrs. tpb, and mrs. ktl visiting the famous dyker heights christmas lights.

this is mrs. ktl's two favorite people in nyc (mr. ktl and dr. dre)


fantasy weather league said...

No one seems to care that Max's laser vision gives him an unfair advantage at dodgeball.



klydelanta said...

i believe a laser sound is "pew pew"