Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"no matter what i say it draws controversy, it's sorta like the abortion issue."

that's just a little taste of this wonderful documentary, the king of kong: a fist full of quarters. it is a story of good vs. evil. david vs. goliath. ktl vs. hipsters. a story about the world record holder of donkey kong and a challenger. it's campy and cheesy and too awesome for words. I had to remind myself several times during the movie that these were not actors, that someone really said "i have 'no surrender' on my cell phone". he is a real life dwight k shrute.

i've also started watching "how i meet your mother" and alyson hannigan has made it into my top 5. and if you're wondering who is in my top 5:

1. jennifer connelly

2. jennifer love hewitt

3. patricia heaton

4. alyson hannigan

5. heather graham

heather graham is also a late addition, but she holds 5th place fending off the likes of selma hayek, alessandra ambrossio, linda cardellini, and jenna fischer.

and my man crush goes to: topher grace
he took the coveted spot from john cusack, who held the title since its inception in 1985. but the dark horse candidate is zach braff, whose comic stylings in scrubs and the loveable hero in garden state, propelled him up the list.

and i have bought a lotto ticket for the 325 million jackpot. and im sorry for everyone who has already purchased one, i've already picked out the winner.


Action Jackson said...

okay, I was going to annoy you about jennifer love hewitt because she is cheesy cheese- but patricia heaton!?! come on! although everybody loves raymond, patricia heaton is an uber- conservative nutjob! jenna fischer is a winner because she hangs out with john krasinski, and he is awesome!

It's not comedy, it's Luke said...

That's a whole lotta white women.

klydelanta said...

tyra, gabrielle, selma, and bellaluci are all on the bubble. well not so much tyra cause shes getting too old.

Anonymous said...

The Atlanta Hawks rule!!!