Thursday, August 23, 2007

WHAT?! two posts in two days?!

yes people. i have begun to post more, so check back here if you want to know about mah life.

i'm at work right now at a new job. i was at an investment firm and now i'm at a credit card company. i left bc i didnt want them and they didn't want me (or so they thought) a couple of days later, they said "plz ktl, we need your asian skillz"....but i said "HELLLZ NO!" and drove away in my souped up civic with my banana republic clothes ruffling in the wind. the one thing i do miss about my old job are my co-workers. i sat next to arsenal "suction" astoria, and in front of activated charcoal and bronx-ess "ace of cakes" cormier. man, we had some good times. we laughed; we cried; it was better than cats. i can now say they are my favorite co-workers of all time, and i will openly weep for having to leave.

but now, i get to have lunch with another friend of mine. we will call him chocolate bear. because he is the turk to my jd. and if you don't watch scrubs, ya ought to. but unfortunately, we work on different floors. We do eat lunch together everyday and that is slightly homosexual of us, but i'm slightly into doods. another reason i eat lunch with him is because i don't really talk to anyone on my own floor. they're nice people just a little too old for me to talk with. i don't think they would take my obscenely racist humor too well. also, something awesome me and cb did today.....we played wii tennis at work. our company set up a little thing in the lobby for the employees to promote the us open. we got a free company bag, with binoculars and a lil wii tennis, which we tied at....i might enjoy this place after all.

and i know i'm gonna blow some minds, but when i get home i'm gonna post up some random pics that i've been meaning to get up here. so that will be two post in the same day....i know most of you just peed your pants, and the rest of you will eventually do it.

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