Thursday, July 19, 2007

NYC is de best

So, now that i've decided to start posting at work, i can post about the more mundane things in mah life. this post will just earmark somethings that i love about the city of new york.

1. ball fields - for some odd reason or another the mexican food here in new york sucks the big one. BUT there is an oasis out in the middle of a place called red hook, where the the food is amazing. every saturday and sunday at the red hook ball fields, soccer games are played. and along the outskirts of the field are the most delicious mexican food and drink stands. the only time i've had better mexican food was when i was in juarez, mexico, and one of the families feed us. i recommend the quesadillas, pupusas, and any of the fresh juices (my personal favorite is watermelon).

2. all you can eat korean bbq - it is exactly as it sounds. words cannot describe the joy of eating here. in the buffet trays, they just have raw meat. lots and lots of raw meat, and tons of sides. then you take all that back to your table and grill it to your liking. when you get in there, its almost like a race to see who can eat the most the quickest. flushing, ny. the place picnic garden

3. all the free stuff that happens in the summer - tons of free concerts and whatnot. every weekend and lots of stuff during the week as well. for instance, me, mrs. ktl, tadpolebear, mrs. tpb, and max anger all had a nice dinner, then went to central park and listened to the new york philharmonic, and were treated to a fire work show afterwards.

the mermaid day parade - out on coney island, and it was fun. i dont really know what the parade is about except that there are people who dress crazy and nude and blue. i will post pictures of this later

movies at bryant park - a free movie played in a big park with a couple thousand of your closest freinds. last movie we saw there was jaws.

street fairs - where they close down like 20-30 blocks of a street and restaurants come out and sell their reduced price wares. lots of fun local artist and merchants.

and those are just a few of my highlights.

okay gotta get back to work.
but keep checkin back cause i should be updating pretty often.

and here's some trivia:

1. Street Sense won the 2007 Kentucky Derby, what is the name of the racetrack the horses run on?

2. movie quote: “And I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life. You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure. Don't worry... you will someday” - whats the movie and who was the actor/actress


The Cap'n said...

That reminds me so much of Hawaii. We have lots of great Mexican food. And lots of fun free things to do. And lots of friends out here to hang out with.

These are golden days indeed.

Sophia said...

I think it's from 'American Beauty' said by Kevin Spacey. I'm going to check to see if I was right.

Action Jackson said...

I am still very angry that I was not allowed to go to all you can eat Korean BBQ Buffet. It would have been glooorious!

Action Jackson said...

Number 1 is Churchill Downs! I think...

klydelanta said...

sophia..correct! action...correct!

brian said...

This is my first-ever blog comment posted from a mobile phone. Hi KTL. I'm enjoying my BlackBerry Curve. THANK YOU for covering for me on Weds. I'm @ MELT taking a dinnerBreak. Excellent $10 kobe beef burger at the bar here. Delicious fries.

jinx protocol said...

Hey 'Lanta, sorry I haven't posted. I've been homeless and without internet/cable for the last few weeks. Sorry, man!

Also, tell Tabitha thank you so much for calling me on my birthday. I haven't forgot about it, but I've been really super busy lately! I'll call you guys this weekend and harass you!