Tuesday, November 30, 2010

more 4loko pics

these were from last weekend's 4loko extravaganza. there was a more epic one this past weekend, and those pics will be up soon. but to tide you over here are the shenanigans from 2 weeks ago.

also, cvd and i have invented a new phrase/word: 4loko-ed

explaination: since drinking 4loko, we have discovered the drink severely damages neurological pathways for basic mental functioning. when such a pathway is discovered in coversation, you just got "4loko-ed".

cvd - "hey ktl, what's your middle name"
ktl - "......."
cvd - "4loko-ed"


ktl - "hey, cvd, when's your birthday"
cvd - "ummmmmm....."
ktl - "you just got 4loko-ed"

and now the pics...enjoy

action jackson bashing a 4loko can into the backyard

action jackson SMASH!

im pretty sure i hit this one over those mountains

cvd hitting a can into my skull

"4loko dance" accompanied by "4loko face"

the rest of the evening was a blur of fruity malt beverages and blurry things
this is what awaited me the morning after...awesome

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