Thursday, November 11, 2010

milton hershey school and wes moore

the conference i attened this past weekend was held at the milton hershey school. founded by the candy man himself, its a k-12 school dedicated to takin in underpriviledged youths, mostly from single parent households.

its funded by the hershey comp. and it is ridiculously nice.
built more like a small expensive private college, it sits on 12,000 acres of land and has incredible facilities. take a look...

main rotunda

rotunda from the outside

pic of some of the land the school sits on

wes moore, final speaker of the conference. really interesting story

here's his book

and i want to say thank you again to jutt and fiance jutt for entertaining me the entire time i was there. if they hadn't, i would have literally stabbed my eyes out and burned myself alive to escape the boredom.

the best hosts evar.

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Heidi said...

I read that book! It was really interesting.