Friday, November 12, 2010

tuesday night family dinner... outback!

outback holds a special place in my heart. growing up, me and my 3 best friends (cvd, big d, and picker) would go, eat a steak, drink loads of coca-cola, go back to someone's house, and hang out (thin-trail-of-smoke-style), drinking even more coke and eating tositos.

this would also happen in college, with slightly different best friends, but still an awesome time.

for me, it was always a bloomin onion, ceasar salad, outback special (medium rare), loaded backed potato with everything on the side, and a coca-cola to drink. and it was wonderful. and we had a lot of good times.

so since i was coming back into town from the aforementioned hershey, pa trip, we decided to go to outback for family dinner. it had been YEARS since our last visit.

needless to say, our experience was less than awesome. food came out ill-prepared, and seating was questionable (though admittedly, my own fault), and decor was all fancy and boughie (gimme back my boomerang and kangaroo x-ing sign).

i did capture the shining star of the meal, though. enjoy...

mmmmm, bloomy...

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