Tuesday, February 26, 2008

quick update: eddie izzard in yo face!

If you have never heard Eddie Izzard, he is a british transvestite stand-up comedian. One of the funniest and smartest comics out there. But recently, he's been trying his hand at acting (the riches, ocean's 12 and 13, etc..), so he's been off the circuit for about 6 years. well, now he's back and doing shows here in nyc. and i got some tickets! orchestra level, middle section, middle of the row. i'm super psyched!

this almost didn't happen bc i heard about it 3rd hand, and he had already started his run of gigs. AND someone, who i thought was a friend(cb), (and who knew i was a GIANT izzard fan) held out on the knowledge for a week that eddie was performing, before he told me. luckily for him, i got some sweet tickets, but now i know where i stand in our friendship. i've heard that revenge is a dish best served cold, and i'll have my revenge. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of my life.

but for now, ill be content with some eddie izzard on march 5th!


The Cap'n said...

I was pissed I missed him the last time I was in town.


jinx protocol said...

It's all sticky! It's covered in Jam! I love how EIzzard hasn't remotely tried to conceal his 'cross the pond accent for The Riches. He's awesome.

Trust me, it is Britney Spears doing the HIMYM, though I wish it was South Park Spears doing the cameo. Now THAT would have been awesome.

jinx protocol said...

Ha ha. I knew I was right. But you were close. Give Jamie Lynn a few years, and she'll be just as crazy.