Saturday, February 16, 2008

chocolate dong!

So here's part of what I did over my Christmas vacation:

The White Dianna Party was a complete success.

But KTL what is a White Dianna Party?

Well, its like a white elephant gift exchange, where gifts are opened one-at-a-time, and subsequently stolen. Our festive take on the event was Max Anger and my idea. But don't take my word for it, here was the invite Max sent out:

Velkomen! You are invited to the 2nd annual White Dianna Christmas Party!

One year ago, succubus ex-girlfriend Dianna requested I host a Christmas/her birthday party at my house, with a White Elephant theme. All sounded like fun, until the Succubus demanded that only her friends could attend! The demands went ignored, and in spectacular fashion, the right people (you!) were invited instead and the party was saved from the maladjusted social mongoloids that were her friends. So, we're doing it again, but this time, there will be no Dianna, only her evil spirit haunting our party like any appropriate Christmas ghost would.

A White Dianna Party is a White Elephant party meaning you need to bring a cheap, wrapped gift, and then we put the gifts in the center of the room. We draw straws to see what order the mystery gifts are chosen, and a gift can either be chosen from the pot or you can take someone else's opened gift whenever it strikes your fancy! But each gift can only be traded twice, and thus the question becomes, "Will you end up with awesome foam swords like I did last year, or with the pointless decorated box that David won last year but was left at my place in disgust?" Come and find out!

and here was the email flyer Max made to accompany the party:

So the presents I like to bring to these kinds of Christmas parties, are ones that get a big laugh but no one would want to trade for them. So that the person who chose my gift is stuck with it for the entire game. Last year I made 2 foam swords (a long sword and a short sword, so that you could floretine), and this year I purchased a 6.5" black dildo. Yes, I'd say my gift was awesome to quite awesome. And I thought that I had succeeded in buying that perfect "big laugh-no trade" gift, because it was picked right off the bat and lasted till near the end of the night, when all of a sudden it got traded 3 times real quickly. I think everyone secretly wanted it, but were too afraid to steal. Anyway, "chocolate dong" was the phrase of the night and for the next few days.

Other gifts that were popular:
a pair padded nunchucks
modded nerf gun
optimus prime mr. potato head

stay tuned for more stories and pics....including Danb's freedom party and my surprise bday party.

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