Friday, January 18, 2008

2 posts in a week?! ktl have you gone mad!?

indeed, i have. i have just been seeing alot of movies lately, and it's exciting. so we trekked out again and saw the midnight show of cloverfield. while the movie was entertaining to a point, it was still disappointing. i was really expecting more from jj abrams. there were great spots of humor, some very good action sequences and some very bad ones, the plot simple, and the suspense was spotty and cheap. something that i really didn't like about the movie is that half the movie was shot at a 45 degree tilt. now, i know jj was probably going for a more realistic look, but we KNOW its a handheld! you don't have to beat us over the head with it for an hour and a half. at least hold the camera straight up and jostle it around.

anyway, it was entertaining, and it was probably my own fault for hyping it up too much in my mind. so i give it 2.5/5 stars. i won't ever own this movie, but if it's ever on tv, i might not change the channel if i'm eating dinner.

on a more fun note. i am hosting another dodgeball event this weekend. hopefully mrs. ktl will get some good action shots of me hitting max anger, danb, activated charcoal, and a bunch of other folks right in the eye.

ps- name all the states that border the great lakes.

pps- i am a terrible drummer on rock band

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sooprgrll said...

I agree with your review! The camerawork literally made me nauseated.