Monday, August 18, 2008


Hey everyone. I just wanted to put this up cause it's one of the most awesome things ever (warning: no one knows how this venture makes money, but on their website they claim that they do not give out your number) here it is:

1-800-2 CHA CHA

It is a service that you call up and ask a question, any question, about anything. And after a short time, they will text you back an answer.

It costs you the time it takes you to ask your question and receive a text.

I used it probably 20 times over the weekend, and I have to say it is one of the coolest things evar. I heard that some MIT geeks used to do this back in the day, but now we have cha cha.

Example of questions asked to Cha Cha at our roof party:

What is the minimum distance that 747s coming into LaGuardia must maintain?

What is the distance from the Earth to the Moon?

Can you determine the distance from the Earth to the Moon without physics?

What are the 5 most populous cities in the world?


Enjoy everyone.


j0aJ34 said...

Ohhh, trivia.

1. The height of the tallest building in Queens plus ten feet.

2. Far. Like, miles and stuff. Ask Tom Hanks; he's been there.

3. Yes. Let Michael Phelps swim it and then tell you how far it is.

4. Istanbul, Byzantium, Constantinople, Mos Eisley, and Gotham.

jinx protocol said...

There's also a service at Auburn University that does the same thing. It might, actually, be the same service.

Except at the Auburn one, you can only ask one question and they don't text. They put you on hold until they can find the answer.

A guy who used to work here called it the Monday after the Auburn game and asked them what the score of the game was (not that the person on the other line potentially gave a damn), and it was awesome!

activated charcoal said...

Looks like Chacha will eventually turn into a nefarious marketing machine- so enjoy it while it's free!