Monday, August 11, 2008

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

This was THE most exciting swimming event I've ever witnessed.

The French were heavily favored, they publicly said they were going to "smash" the Americans. They held the lead the entire event, excecpt for the last .08 secs (which is faster than you can blink).

If you missed this, you are a poor bastard, a communist, and a freedom-hater.

USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

Also, Phelps dream of winning 8 Golds is well in hand. He has already gotten gold in the 2 events he was not favored.

(that guy should probably work out, he's all flab)


fantasy weather league said...

Yeah, Lezak is my new hero and I wanted to slap Jones- like what the hell?!?! 100m is YOUR event- how are you losing more than a length???

j0aJ34 said...

If we win the most medals, we should force the rest of the world to accept American Football in the Olympics; Just for one year. It would be awesome! No one else plays it, Canada would be the only competition, and we could have SEC style tailgating for Team USA. Of course, what if the Russians beat us...

klydelanta said...

the miracle on field turf.

j0aJ34 said...

Be careful up there...with these crazy Russkies, Azerbaijan could be next!

klydelanta said...

they'll never invade my favorite country outside the US and S.Korea.

Azerbaijan liberty or death!