Friday, January 13, 2006

the ramblings of an old man

so ive been trying to think about what to write down in my blog. funny stories about my cat, the wild adventures i have in my bathroom, or how i followed a thin trail of smoke only to find something unexpected. but none of that stuff ever really happened (except for that last one happened to some freinds of mine). i feel like my blog must be witty and informative, but i am neither witty nor informative. therefore my blog will be about life and love in the new millenium. right now, though, it will be about me gettin too close to 30. lets take a look back into other benchmark years. 15 brought the permit, 16 the camero, and 16.1 the end of the camero. 18 voting, smoking, and college. 21 finally i could drink (but just a coupla shots). and 25 car insurance went down. what now? what does 28 have in store for me? nothing good. i only found out recently that i am no longer eligible for any mtv shows. i can no longer go to the mtv summer beach house. my hopes and dreams....dashed. and i really thought i could have brought an edgey-ness to the "real world", with my rapiers wit and dashing good looks. c'est la vie.

now is the time for new hopes. new dreams. and a burger. for those of you that dont know. ive given up read meat for a year. the reason is that the finace's stomach is a lil too sensitive to the delicious bloodiness. so ive taken a sabbatical of sorts. BUT since today was my birthday, i got to indulge with a canyon burger. mmmmm cow. lover-ly. so i think i will try to post a daily trivia question at about the same time everyday and the first person with the right answer will win my kudos. the chocolate and peanut butter one. it's half eaten. and stale.

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WarriorKim said...

Nyah, nyah, nyah.... 2 mo years to 30... nyah nyah nyah (satisfied grin) hope you don't do that to me when i'm forty in next 10 years, boie.