Thursday, January 26, 2006

poker in the front, liquer in the back.....wait

i attend a weekly poker game at a friends apt in midtown. it used to be at max's, but now it's permanently moved to "new place". it used to be a fun evening of smoking, drinking, and playing some cards with 6 or 7 friends. it has now become a cesspool of russians jews, loose women, and loose russian jewish women. i have nothing against any of those kinds of people, but when they turn my poker game into a screaming-at-a-drunk-duchebag-for-4-hours and watching-pyscho-throw-her-beefcurtains-at-anything-with-a-penis night. my patience comes to an end.

on a brighter note, Live in Lady and i went to the brooklyn chinatown for some festive decorations for her class about chinese new years. i got to eat some mayalsian food....delicious. AND ride the bus for the first time. i'm all grows-ed up now. ya know, i thought it would take me a while to get used to ny and all the things that comes with living here. but i really like it....maybe i'll stay for a bit. as long as there are no more loose russian jewish women.

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The Cap'n said...

Ah, beef curtains.
and you need to send Psycho to any Army base, or better yet we could parachute her into Iraq for a little "morale booster."

Oh, and dude? I live in freaking Chinatown. You should have come here for your decorations.