Wednesday, January 18, 2006

these are a few of my favorite things

so late last night i had the pleasure of watch aliens on tnt (thank you ted turner), and i remembered that it is one of my alltime favorite movies. and today i had a discussion of my most favorite comedies, so here we go, in semi-particular order (and a helping of quotes from said movies):

1. tommy boy:
"i was just checking the endline spec on the rotary retarded."

2. friday:
"oh, you aint catchin no crackhead."

"puff, puff, give. puff, puff, give. you fuckin up the rotation."

"-older the berry, the sweeter the juice.
-man, it's blacker the berry, sweeter the juice.
-yeah well yeah, she blacker than a muthafucker too"

3. holy grail
"what are you going to do...bleed on me?"

4. high fidelity
"thats the worst fucking sweater ive ever seen. its a cosby sweater...a cosby sweater!"

"oh brother what a night it really was....sha na na na na angina's tough."

5. office space
"i celebrate his entire catalogue"
"no thanks man, don't want you fuckin up my life"

6. swingers
"look at want to kiss me"
"who's the big winner in the casino tonight? who's the big winner in the casino tonight? it's mikey!"

7. 40 year old virgin
"sweet, that means you dont have chylamydia, and i know that. And that shit is everywhere."

8. princess bride
"that doesn't leave much time for dilly dally"

9. happy gilmore
"-you're in big trouble though pal, i eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast
-you eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

"eh haha aha. hes laughing. he's having a good time. good for you, yeah laugh it up. enjoy your night. eha ha hahaha!"

10. the 1st 20 minutes of so i married an axe murderer
"oh i hated the colonel with his wee beedy eyes, and that smug look on his face. ooohh you're gonna buy my chicken ooooohohohooooh" "

9. pulp fiction
"do they speak english in "what" motherfucker!"

10. army of darkness
"i could've stayed in the past. i could've been king, but in my own way, i am king. hail to the king , baby."

'i got news for you pal. you ain't leading but two things right now. jack and shit, and jack left town."

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Anonymous said...

If you are going to allow portions of movies, I vote for the first 15 minutes or so of Meet Joe Black. When he gets hit by the first car, funny. When he gets hit by the second car, comic fucking genius. Genius!