Wednesday, February 15, 2006

so whachoo gonna do?

heh sorry forgot to post answers and new questions:

1. argentina
2. 32
3. dopey, sleepy, sneezy, happy, grumpy, bashful, and doc

and now:

what are sly stallone 2 oscar nominations for?

what country has been ruled by the grimaldi family since 1273?

what movie is this quote from:
"thank you for playing, should we or should we not follow the advice of the galacticly stupid"


Action Jackson said...

Sly- Rocky I and Oscar

klydelanta said...

no like what specific best supporting actress and what not. but rocky 1 is the right movie.

Cherrypicker said...

1. For Rocky, he was nominated for best original screenplay (I believe he won) and something else that I do not think he won for. Other options are Best Actor and Best Director. I do not think he directed, so I am going with Best Actor.

2. hmm, somewhere in Europe with a continuous monarchy since 1273...I am thinking somewhere small ... perhaps Monaco? that is my best guess.

3. Damn you and your movie quotes...I was thinking all sorts of movies, but then I looked it up. I was nowhere close. I wont spoil it by posting the answer.

Action Jackson said...

oh I see! I still think he should have won something for 'Oscar', that shit was funny!