Friday, November 10, 2006

happy birfday to me and the avian flu

1. moby dick

1. saving private ryan - 216 mill.
2. ocean's eleven - 183 mill.
3. the bourne supremacy - 176 mill.
4. good will hunting - 138 mill.
5. ocean's twelve - 125 mill.
6. the bourne idenity - 121 mill.
7. the departed - 103 mill.
8. the talented mr. ripley - 81 mill.
9. spirit: stallion of the cimarron - 73 mill.
10. finding forrester - 51 mill.

3. they are all boys.

song challenge: marshall tucker band - can't you see

sorry i havent posted...blah, blah, blah

so i have contracted the avian flu on mah birfday, very sad times. no trivia today, but i have an update in the works, so don't miss it. also, for those of you that live in the new york area. my church is hosting a dodgeball game saturday jan. 20th, and it is the most fun you'll have all year (seriously). and if you want even more fun that weekend, the day before on the 19th im hosting a trivia at postmark cafe (it will only include movie trivia). and further on the horizon im in talks with a bar owner to start a weekly/bi-weekly bar trivia.

see yall soon


davide said...

1. Morgan Freeman

klydelanta said...


Anonymous said...

Post something new, jackass!

activated charcoal said...

Yeah. What jinx said.

jinx protocol said...

You're super lame. Post something. Also, no, we won't be moving to NYC this year, as it turns out. Money's the big issue. Maybe next year, dawg. Plus, LP might be getting a job with a sports marketing firm, and I think she wants to see what that's all about.

activated charcoal said...

Pavlov be damned. I have had hope every time I hit the link to your blog for the last 4 MONTHS.

No more.

I am officially NOT reading your blog anymore, dick.

Take that!