Thursday, May 04, 2006

Revvin' up your engine, listen to her howlin' roar. Metal under tension, beggin' you to touch and go

1. madagascar
2. bourne supremacy
3. finding nemo
4. signs
5. oceans eleven

and congrats action jackson for winning the song lyric contest. i think i'll start awarding points to the first correct answer to all the trivia and tally up scores. so be ready.

this weekend was fun, went to atlantic city with LiL and a coupla friends, and we all went boozin and whorin. and by "we" i mean "i", and by "boozin and whorin" i mean relax, eat buffets, and gamble a little. so back to my life to drudgery and misery, punctuated by brief moments of trivia nirvana. and here we go....

more tag lines! (that last attempt was poor on all of your parts, at least give a guess. and dont forget ill be tallying points soon)

1. '05 - "Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny"
2. '04 - "Once upon another time..."
3. '03 - "Prepare to be blown out of the water"
4. '02 - "Go for the ultimate spin"
5. '01 - "You'll be sorry you were ever born human"

6. what is the name of the princess in sleeping beauty? (i might have done this already, so it should be easy)

7. in "mission impossible" the tape always ended it with a self-destruct warning, how long was it before the tape blew up?

and as always don't forget the song lyrics.


Action Jackson said...

song ?

1. Walk the Line
2. Shrek 2
3. The Italian Job
4. ice skating movie??
5. Jurassic Park 3
6. Princess Crackhead
7. 5 secs

The Cap'n said...

1. something about little people and a ring?
2. shrek 83
3. submarine movie with frasier?
4. Herbie the Love bug? Or maybe Sit and Spins Gone Wild?
5. Species 12 (the one with the still shitty sex scenes)?

6. Aurora
7. 5 seconds. (action did not specify the correct units. NUNC, no units no credit. God rest Mr. Mollencamp.)

And please, please tell me it's Highway to the Dangerzone.

The Cap'n said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday LiL!!!
I get first dibs on spankings!

Woo Wooo!

And congrats on all your winnings this past weekend. I promise not to tell the IRS if you give me a cut. Unless you made enough to come visit Hawaii.

Action Jackson said...

no way, 5 secs counts...let's have the final ruling on this klydewon!

klydelanta said...

5 secs counts, the cap'n is just sad cause he didnt answer first.