Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in memphis

1. nhl
2. moby dick
3. shangri-la
4. playboy
5. boris yeltsin
6. smith, johnson, jones, brown

song: what has 9 arms and sucks? def leopard! and the title of the song pour some sugar on me. also nice call on moby dick, kwh. didnt think anyone would get that, but it seems that those who come to this site read good books. and that is why no one got moby dick except on a guess. that book might be the worst classic ever, second only to war and peace.

so not much new in life. had some delicious margaritas with davide and LiL today. we're a family, only without a mom and dad, and only a little of the bad-touch. but i did manage to finally wrangle a job. its only temp work, but its still work, and im glad to be off mah ass. it has something to do with handling the actual birth certificates for everyone who has ever been born in new york. and some of the rules include: no cell phones, no bulky coats, no bags or purses, and we have to avert our eyes whenever we handle the certificates. so enough about me...onto the trivia!

1. what team called ebbets field their home till their last game there in 1957?

2. based on a 2004 government survey, what are the 5 most populace cities in the US?

3. how many votes from the electoral college does a candidate need to become US president?

4. what band's cd did spin magazine name the best album in the last 20 years?

5. what are the last four words of the orwell's classic 1984?


The Cap'n said...

1. the dodgers of crooklyn
2. nyc, houston, la, dallas, chicago
3. 270
4. nirvana, "smells like teen spirit"
5. the last four words

Cherrypicker said...

1. The Brooklyn Dodgers
2. NYC, LA, Chicago, Houston, Boston
3. 270 (100 senators + 435 reps + 3 for DC)/2 + 1
4. Nirvana's Nevermind
5. "it's all doubleplus good"

Lastly, the song is Honky Tonk Women by the ROlling Stones.

The Cap'n said...

Damn you, picker!

I'm such an idiot. Those three martini breakfasts are starting to mess with my grunge knowledge. Oh well.