Friday, May 19, 2006

The exodus is here, the happy ones are near, let's get together before we get much older.

the names of the ladies:
Emily, Emma, Madison, Abigail, Olivia, Isabella, Hannah, Samantha, Ava and Ashley.
and the song is bonnie tyler - holding out for a hero.

im glad yall have settled thing so amicibly. guns, tea and biscuits, ain't nothing more friendly than that.

so i've started tivo-ing cash cab, and they got some pretty good trivia questions. if you don't know what the show is. it's a game show thats filmed in a nyc cab and you answer trivia questions for money. you only get 3 strikes, then you get kicked to the curb (like all my ex-girlfriends). but if you can make it to your destination without missing 3 questions then you get a choice of taking your money and running, or doubling down and answering one video question. its a pretty cool show. i highly recommend it. so on last nights episode, this retarded midtown woman gets in and misses 3 of 5 questions. she missed "what instrument invented in the 1880s in hawaii is a smaller version of a guitar", AND she didn't know "what ron howard movie is also the name of the encasing that silkworms spin around themselves during metamorphosis". i honestly can't stand people this dumb. but i guess its more of a failure of our public school system.

so LiL is gone this weekend for hot-lanta, leaving me home alone for boozin and whorin. yay! so good tidings to her and a safe journey. now for the trivia!

now ill give you 5 of the top ten boys names, yall guess the other 5:
(and i'll even throw in the first letter of each name)

michael, joshua, matthew, christopher, andrew...
1. j...
2. e...
3. d...
4. a...
5. j...

6. what is the largest city in the US without an NFL team?

7. with no army, what eco-tourist country is the switzerland of south america?

8. for 32 years helen gurley brown was the editor for what fashion magazine?

9. what US state was lincoln born in?

10. before changing her name in 1936 what was marilyn monroe known as?

ps- remember everyone, just use your immense store of worthless facts. no internet searches, it is after all, merely blog trivia. good luck, have fun!

pps- ill give some props to whoever can get this weeks song


Action Jackson said...

1. jacob
2. ethan
3. david
4. adam
5. jason
6. Sacramento
7. Costa Rica
8. Vogue
9. Virginia
10. Norma Jean

song- no clue!
can I have my biscuit now?

klydelanta said...

action im gonne need marilyn monroe's full name.

Action Jackson said...

hmmm...norma jean ray?? elton didn't tell me that dammit!

Anonymous said...

#7 For the record, the Swiss have an army. They all get Swiss Army Knives and Toberlones upon completion of their required terms.
#6. Los Angeles
#10 Norma Jean - sucks my balls - Johnson


klydelanta said...


Mary said...

The song is The Who's Baba O'reily (yay for the who!)
1. Jason
2. Edmund
3. Daniel
4. Aidan
5. Jonas
6. Salt lake City
7. Argentina
8. Vogue
9. Kentucky
10. Norma Jean Mortensen

Cherrypicker said...

1. justin
2. ethan
3. david
4. anthony
5. john
6. los angeles
7. ecuador
8. cosmopolitan
9. ilinois
10. norma jean watson

Bjorn said...

THE WHO baby !

Actually I' m listing to Baba o' riley at this moment