Thursday, May 25, 2006

Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on

1. jacob
2. ethan
3. daniel
4. anthony
5. joseph

6. los angeles
7. costa rica
8. cosmo
9. kentucky
10. norma jean baker

and the song was the who - baba o'reily, nice call mary

so i hope everyone had a fun filled memorial day weekend. i spent the first half of the weekend cellphone-less because i gave it to LiL to use while she was in the a-t-l. so i'll send a lil "sorry :(" to davide and the capn for not returning their calls. but while LiL was away, there was copious amounts of boozin and profuse amounts of whorin. and at the end of it all, a fun picnic.

today me, LiL, and davide had a enchanting and wild trip to a dream world of magic.....staten island. he got measured for his tux and i got the low-down on my so-called "free" roundtrip tickets. now the tickets are in fact free. BUT they are only free if you stay in a hotel of their selection, and you must stay there for a minimum of 1 week. still, the price of the hotel is not terrible, and it does include a all-inclusive package to cancun, where i can become the next american to "dissappear". now onto the dreamworld of magic part. Davide was uneasy in staten island, as it did give off a weird sort of "waking up from a dream into another dream then waking up again" kind of feeling. also the look of the whole place was off. nyc and it's burroughs have a certain city feel, but not this burrough. no sir. LiL pointed out that it had a "ghetto-side of the beach" look to it all. which was a perfect description. so i have declared staten island no longer a burrough, and under davide's suggestion, have declared connecticut the fifth burrough.

so now for the trivia.

1. what was the first sport to cancel an entire season due to a dispute over salaries?

2. starbuck's coffee was named after a character in what book?

3. james hilton's novel "lost horizon" is set in what utopian community?

4. what magazine did shel silverstein write for before penning the children's novel "light in the attic"?

5. what russian leader was the first to be elected democratically?

6. according to a US census, what are the 4 most popular last names in the US?

ps- i might start posting more often, so you might want to check back in with a little more regularity. cause you might miss out on some trivia, and only dirty commies miss out on trivia.

pps- LiL, davide, and i saw colin ferrall in williamsburg when we were dropping davide off. later colin and i made a "home movie" and it will be available on the web in the next few days....enjoy.


Action Jackson said...

colin farrel!! so dirty, so hot!

1. Baseball
2. Iliad
3. Atlantis
4. Highlights
5. Gorbachev
6. Lee, Smith, Jackson, Brown

I think I may have officially gotten all of those wrong- you really should get points for shooting the moon!

The Cap'n said...


and maybe you should get LiL her own cellphone so you can keep yours and invite others for whorin and boozin because some of us had to spend our whole long weekend at home studying the bible and the history of memorial day because no foreigners called us to go boozin and whorin even though our cell phone was on and charged all weekend just in case the call came.

Mary said...

1. Baseball
2. Scrooge McDuck
3. Eden
4. Playboy
5. Gorbachov
6. Smith, Jones, Brown, and Finkelstein.

I think the song is Def Leppard's Pour Some Sugar on Me.

kt77 said...

this entry includes the phrase: "because i gave it to LiL"


kilowatthour said...

okay the only one i have any idea about is #2, and i'm flagrantly guessing when i say: moby dick.

activated charcoal said...

i don't know the eanswer to any of them!

but i do know it's pretty cool to watch an octopus eat a shark!