Saturday, April 22, 2006

Your purple prose just gives you away

the age: 27

the song: the cure - close to me

so it's been a while since i last posted. not my fault. space aliens with long pointy heads and teeth stole my computer chair, then made off with my horse. it's a very long and confusing story. but i should be updating more often. news from the home front. weddings would go much smoother if parents were not involved at all. case in point, orginally my mother had said 50 of her friends were coming to the wedding of 400. so i re-asked to confirm the number, and she broke out with 200 crazy, possibly drunk, definitely judgemental, koreans will be attending. that is half the people at the reception. anyway, im relaxing this weekend with some corona for cinco de mayo (the mexican holiday to commerate mayonaise) and a trip to atlantic city, where i will promptly become a millionaire. and now for the trivia:

movie tag lines! these are like descriptors of movies that the movie company's come up with. i'll give the year the movie came out and the tag line, and yall guess the movie.

1. 2005 - "Ton On The Run"
2. 2004 - "They should have left him alone"
3. 2003 - "Wet Yourself!"
4. 2002 - "It's Not Like They Didn't Warn Us."
5. 2001 - "They're Having So Much Fun It's Illegal."

ps- dont forget the song...its easy.

pps- if you dont watch "the office" start immediately. i have already started stalking jenna fischer. and dont come at me all snotty and say the british version is better. they are both good, oooo FACE!


Action Jackson said...

Unbelievable- EMF

those tag lines are really funny but i have no clue! I especially want to know the 'wet yourself' one!

The Cap'n said...

um, Jenna Fishcer was on an episode of Blow Out. And please don't ask me how/why I know that.

200 Koreans? I say you push for an even thousand. And does that mean that all us non-Koreans will be a minority? What is this world coming to?

activated charcoal said...

my sincerest condolences for the overabundance of drunken koreans on your happiest of days.

which makes me think

"58 seats...62 koreans!"

(maybe i DO watch gilmore girls. what're you going to do about it?)