Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I’ve waited hours for this, I’ve made myself so sick, I wish I’d stayed asleep today

1. citigroup (banking)
2. general electric (conglomerate)
3. bank of america (banking)
4. american international group (insurance)
5. hsbc group (banking)
6. exxonmobil (oil/gas)
7. royal dutch/shell group (oil/gas)
8. bp (oil/gas)
9. jp morgan chase (banking)
10. ubs (financial)

and the song is laid by james. the song two entries ago was shapoopi, and im very disappointed in everyone for not knowing that.

much has happened since the last post, but i will not inform you, but i will let your imaginations run wild! maybe later i'll tell, and it does involve 200 koreans......scary stuff.

anyway, here some interesting trivia:
janis joplin, jimi hendrix, jim morrison, and kurt cobain all died at the same age....how old were they?

dont forget about the song.....


Action Jackson said...

Age: 32???
Song: No clue

I want to know about the 200 Koreans!!!

Mary R. said...

The song is the Cure's Close to Me and I'm guessing 26.

The Cap'n said...


korean gang bang?

activated charcoal said...


definitely the cure (but i can't remember which song. is it "close to me"?)