Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Touch if u will my stomach, feel how it trembles inside

Tremendous, horrendous, stupendous, and hazardous.
song: ccr - down on the corner

nice job people, good teamwork. i like what im seeing here, lets keep this synergy going.

so i got 3 job opprotunities this past week. office manager, temp work for a camp, and that birth certificate job. and that is the order that i want the jobs. heeerrreee we gooooooo!

1. according to the bureau of transportation, what 5 US airlines carried the most passengers in '04?

2. what US state has the largest Amish population?

3. who was our first head of the dept of homeland security?


The Cap'n said...

When Doves Cry - Prince

And i beat Action to this one.

The Cap'n said...

1. Delta, United, Southwest, Jet Blue, Continental

2. Pennsylvania

3. That former governor from Virginia. I can't remember his name.

I win, I am the greatest.

Action Jackson said...

I can't believe that I didn't look fast enough to answer Prince- the Cap'n is a punk- he don't know nuthin' about Prince!

The Cap'n said...

3. Tom Ridge?