Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes.

1. delta, american, northwest, southwest, united
2. ohio
3. tom ridge

song: prince - when doves cry
i put that one up for you action, and you didnt even answer first.....sad.

so, still don't have a job yet BUT interview on monday with the one i really want. man, i've been going out alot this week. max finally got back from brazil, and i think he might be dead by now from the ebola-avian-virus-HIV-bone-cancer-cold. well, it was either that or a tan, i don't remember what he said.

went to trivia at pete's candy store with davide and LiL. much harder than expected, and went to dumont for a delicious burger and mac and cheese, but the thing i liked the most were these appetizer ribs they had..mmmmmmmm. we decided to go back sometime and just order ribs and the enourmous plate of mac and cheese to split among us. oh and last weekend we went to some crazy japanese tapas thing. where everything is covered in fish flakes. and since LiL dislikes seafood, it was right up her alley. and on the menu they had an octopus rape scene....interesting those japanese.

now, for what yall come here for....

1. what is the term "pub" short for?
2. name all the birds in the song "12 days of christmas"
3. who are the 5 permanent members of the u.n. security council?
4. what was the last film stanley kubrick directed before he died?
5. what is the name of the pasta commonly referred to as bowtie or butterfly?


The Cap'n said...

1. public house
2. partridge, swan, goose, calling birds, french hens, turtle doves
3. china, russia, us, france, england
4. eyes wide shut
5. bowtie

song: it's the pumpkins but i can't hear the title right now.

Mary said...

The song is Smashing Pumpkins Disarm
1. Public House
2. Partridge, turtle doves, french hens, and swans
3. west angolia?
4. eyes wide shut
5. fiocchini

Anonymous said...

1. public house
2. partridge, turtle doves, french hens, calling birds, swans, geese
3. us, uk, china, russia, france
4. eyes wide shut
5. rotelli

Action Jackson said...

I can't believe I didn't look at this early enough to get Disarmed- dammit again! I am dissapointed in your answer Cap'n- you should know better!

kt77 said...

1. public?
2. partridge, goose, calling birds, french hens, turtle doves
3. snap, crackle, pop, bert and erine
4. dunno
5. farfalle