Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Let me tell you 'bout a place, Somewhere up-a New York way, Where the people are so gay

1. alaska, hawaii, arizona, new mexico, oklahoma
2. 7-up
3. abigail van buren
4. socks the cat, buddy the dog
5. toy story 1 & 2, monster's inc., bug's life, finding nemo, the incredibles, cars

sorry interweb. i know yall thought i had forgetten you but things have been busy. this wont be a long post, but i just wanted to drop in and say i am not dead, just married....to mrs. klydelanta, who i will give a proper name to in the next post. but i will leave you with this bit of trivia....

in 2003 afi named the top 50 movie villians, all you have to do is name the top 5. (hint: dottie, the asteroid from armageddon, is not in the afi top 5, but it is in mine)

ps - check back soon for the real post


the lady who shakes those things said...

Boy am I glad you posted. Gave me something to read on this rainy day. Also caused me delay the plans to wait for you on a dark side street in Greenwood Heights and force you to write!

jinx protocol said...

Number one was Hannibal Lecter.
Norman Bates.
Darth Vader.
The Witch (West?)

Hey, I think that's four.

Anonymous said...

Wicked Witch...hello
i think the red bull should be on there (scariest thing imaginable)

Cherrypicker said...

Mugatu, definitely. It has to be Mugatu. He is a bad MF.

And, if by chance it is not Mugatu, I am going with either the original alien or the crazy bitch from Fatal Attraction.

jinx protocol said...

Nurse Ratched. Hey 'lanta, you're gonna have to help us find a place in NY. You know that, right?

jinx protocol said...

Found a few areas we like - 135 Bay Ridge Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11209 - Is that one all right? Something similar-ish would be cool.

Some people never got over Vietnam or the night their band opened for Nirvana. I guess I never got over Klyde.