Wednesday, March 22, 2006

As long as you a thicky thicky thick girl you know that it's on

my brain overfloweth. many trivia questions today.

name the city that these colleges that are in:
1. University of Georgia
2. Texas A&M University
3. University of Miami
4. Baylor University
5. Brown University
6. Xavier University
7. Temple University
8. Wellesley College
9. Ohio University
10. Rice University

what is Alecia Moore's stage name?

and for you grey's anatomy junkies, what are full names of all four of the interns?
and for bonus points, the full names of the rest of the doctors on the show (half credit for part of the name or nicknames)

and dont forget to answer the song title of the day.
good luck my friends and godspeed.


Action Jackson said...

1. Athens
2. Austin?
3. Miami (or is this in Ohio?)
4. Bangor?
5. Providence
6. New Orleans?
7. ?
8. Wellesley
9. Columbus?
10. Houston?

Grey's- one would think I would know these, but I don't:
Meredith Grey
Isabelle 'Izzy' ___
Christina __
George O'Malley (i think that is a bar name!)
Alex __

Addison Shepard
Derek Shepard (McDreamy)
McSteamy (on for 1 ep)
Dr. Burke

Cherrypicker said...

1. Athens, GA ( a lovely town)
2. College Station, TX
3. Coral Gables, FL
4. Waco, TX
5. Providence, RI
6. Cincinnati, OH
7. Philadelphia, PA
8. Boston, MA
9. Akron, OH
10. Houston, TX

kilowatthour said...

alecia moore is pink. am i right?

klydelanta said...

CORRECT-A-MUNDO! as zach morris would say.