Friday, March 03, 2006

I swear, I stared, my niece my witness

so the UNICEF job didnt pan out cause i firebombed the building. oh well. but fortunately i got a job with a investment firm. i will be adjunct CEO. and as my first action as HNIC, i will immdeiately sell off all my stock, then quit the job. if you want some insider info email me and i'll tell you what company it is. but enough about me.

1. russell crowe and gladiator in 2000
2. the west wing
3. norah jones

1. in greek mythology, who wept tears of amber?
2. what are the worlds's 4 most spoken languages?
3. name the two eels, in disney's "little mermaid"?

and fuck crash, while the movie was good, it did not deserve best picture. brokeback or capote got robbed. at least stewart was funny and it was fun seeing 3-6 mafia winning.


Action Jackson said...

1. Selene- goddess of the moon!
2. English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese
3. I am against cartoons and all that they stand for

Cherrypicker said...

1. no clue
2. English, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish
3. Tweddledum and Fuckface?

Also, Crash was great movie, very deserving of the award. I am sure that brokeback and capote also probably deserved it too, but it is the problem with udgin the "best" picture...

3-6 mafia definitely made it worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Want to hire a mathematician with your new found powers as a CEO? Then you can lay me off a week later so I can collect unemployment.

I smell scandal!