Monday, March 13, 2006

hey pretty baby with the high heels on

my first post from work. now i just have to figure out how to get to my email. i mean, how ridiculous is it that the CEO cant check his email.

1. San Francisco cable cars
2. vermouth
3. modulation/demodulation
4. max

now ive decided that i'll just post trivia whenever it enters my head. i forget about 90% of the questions i come up with waiting for myself to post. so....that's it. here's todays trivia. (this one was trickier than i thought, and i had to do alot of research so yall better appreciate this question):

name all the division I schools that do not have university or college in their official name.

me and dan were trying to figure this one out, so since my boss is out of town today, this is what ive been doing all day. good luck, have fun.

ps- im going back to the atl tonight. so i wont be posting the answer till i get back, have fun with it over the weekend. and happy st. patty's day.

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Cherrypicker said...

naval academy, air force academy, us military academy, the citadel, georgia tech, vmi, probably some others