Tuesday, January 18, 2011

some stuff i missed...

breakfast pizza that i made. something that i always wanted to try, and i think it turned out pretty damn well for my first try.

me, slaving away in the kitchen

pizza dough, white gravy for sauce, scrambled eggs, spicy sausage, bacon, cheese

pizza dough, white gravy for sauce, scrambled eggs, maple sausage, bacon, yellow/red peppers, onions, cheese

so the next day after "blood on the ice" incident. we went with a few friends to a golf course with some amazing hills. and this time instead of cookie sheet trays, we had tractor trailer tire inner tubes. there were a ton of people out using all sorts of devices: sleds, boogie boards, surf boards, snowboards, this weird tricycle sledding thingy. check out the pics:

view from the top of the hill, probably about 200 yds to the bottom.

view from the bottom

cvd on his way down.

i think that's all i missed. hope yall had a good mlk weekend!

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Sarah said...

I don't remember getting an invitation for that yummy looking pizza!