Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the high, the cold, and the dali

NSFW painting at the end (but it's art, so it's cool)

this past weekend was the last for the dali exhibit at the high museum. so they opened it up through the night on saturday night. luckily we went at 6pm to get tickets for midnight. that way, when we came back at midnight, we could skip the line and head right on in.

our line at 6pm was about a half hour wait.
when we got back at midnight, the line was at least 3 times as long.
when we got out of the exhibit at 1am, the line had to be 2-3 hours. and it was cooooooold.

also when we were standing in there were these two performers out entertaining:

lady on stilts with creepy short legs, riding a flamingo

weird ghost dog and its owner/shepard

the exhibit was amazing. i only really knew dali's persistence of memory. now i love his don quixote series, and this technique where he used candle smoke to create a painting. here are two pieces that i absolutely loved:

from the don quixote series: attack on the windmills


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Allison said...

Tampa has a Dali museum. It's kind of small and features his lesser known pieces. A lot of his better known stuff is in Madrid at el Museo Reina Sofia (aka freaking awesome modern art museum that also features a little known artist named Pablo and his teeny, tiny painting called Guernica).